TV Shows to Become Obsessed With

Dead Like Me
Veronica Mars
True Blood

The Prisoner (2010)
Dr. Who
Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Alias (?)
Quantum Leap
Mad Men
X Files (I know… I know!)
Twin Peaks

Anything else I should be watching? Leave a comment below! My favorite shows have been Lost, 30 Rock, Scrubs, Battlestar Gallactica, Gilmore Girls… I like sci-fi-ish stuff, fantasy-ish stuff, quirky, dramatic. Good dialogue is a big plus.


8 responses

1 01 2010

Um, should I be posting on this as I don’t have and haven’t had a TV for most of my adult life?
Anyway, is Buffy a New Buffy or the old SMG one on reruns, b/c that one is totally worth getting obsessed with, IMO.
I had dinner with them every night when I was first married since Steve worked like 842 hours per week and I never saw him.
It was kind of a gross partner some nights, but very entertaining. Love the campy aspect.

1 01 2010

Yeah, it’s the old Buffy, I never watched it for some reason. Probably that thing about how I thought I didn’t like Sci Fi? But i remember hearing about it at high school (mind you, I was not IN high school at the time, my cousin was) and they said it was pretty good, actually. And then, I guess Joss Wheadon did it and I like some of his other stuff – Firefly, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, etc. So I think it’s only right that I dedicate some time to this one, too.

1 01 2010
bethany actually

Do you watch Castle? If you don’t, you really should. Nathan Fillion is 73 distinct kinds of awesome in it, and the rest of the cast is pretty great too.

1 01 2010

Added! Thanks!

2 01 2010

You will not be disappointed in getting hooked on Buffy. Season one is good, but nothing compares to how it gets later on 🙂 Keep truckin’ through it!! I love me some Spike!

2 01 2010

If you’ve not watched The West Wing or Damages yet, sell one of your children and buy all the DVD box sets immediately. Actually, sell both children and then you’ll have money for snacks and no-one will bother you while you watch.

15 01 2010

you might want to check out Fringe, its the new x files.

15 01 2010

We do watch Fringe and I like parts of it, but the plot holes are GAPING. lol I’m not going to make it a priority anymore b/c I don’t have time for shows I don’t love. In other words, I will probably work while watching it.

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