7 Days: Day 3 (Off to the Vet)

24 09 2012

7 Days: Day 3 (Off to the Vet)

Today he had a checkup at the vet, poor baby. Nothing too traumatic today, thankfully, and we stopped and bought him some treats to make up for the trauma (because even a good day at the vet involves a rectal probe). When we are at the vet and they ask his last name (which is supposed to be mine) I get all confused and almost answer, “Duh. Baggins” every time. Someday I just might.


7 Days: Day 2 (Raiders. Of the Lost Stripes?)

23 09 2012

7 Days: Day 2 (Raiders. Of the Lost Stripes?)

That is the worst picture title ever.

But it fits because I’m having a very flaky weekend in terms of basic camera operating. Yesterday I deleted all the pictures off the camera, today I forgot to clean the lens (after it’s been in water it gets all… scummy). I hate when I don’t love my pictures. *sigh* I took some group shots in the theatre but they were meh because I felt all rushed since the usher was coming in to clean the theatre and even though he was super nice and said we didn’t have to rush, I’ve done that job before and I know customers are annoying. Heh.

I’d taken this one before the movie started. We shall pretend those smudges are on their mirror and not my camera lens, OK? I’m used to my DSLR – this little point & shoot is hard, you guys.

So, anyway, Bethany, Katie, and my friend Kathy went to see Raiders of the Lost Ark today. Like. In a THEATRE. I’d never seen it on the big screen before and I learned two things.

1. That golden idol at the beginning has real-looking creepy eyes.
2. Belloq, on the other hand, has beautiful eyes.

So I learned things about eyes.

Also, Katie and I had a good giggle at a Slytherin reference. (HARRY POTTER IS REAL, YOU GUYS.)

Uh, and the shirt is striped in honor of today’s theme. I almost, *ahem* forgot to mention that.

7 Days: day 7 (Chocolate at the Beach)

29 06 2012

7 Days: Day 7 (Chocolate at the Beach)

Sometimes we go get chocolate at this fancy-ass chocolatier in fancy-ass La Jolla where they make truffles with things like rosemary caramel or goat cheese and black pepper. We order spicy Mayan mochas and take all of that to the beach and sit and watch the waves and talk until it’s dark. Happy things.

Also I try my best to always tower over everyone I hang out with.

Kidding. I don’t try. But I often do anyway. Because I am a little bit giant at 5’9″.

I just realized that this makes the second Veronica Mars filming location I’ve been to in this week’s 7 Days photos. This means something.

Thanks for a fun week and I’ll see you next time in September!

And the winner is….!

28 12 2011

I’m honestly a little astonished that I’m remembering to do this in a timely fashion. Go, me! Remember that contest last week? The winner is Becca! She asked me if I wore the mustache out in her comment and you know what? I didn’t. It was confiscated from me by a kid and that kid (whichever one it was, I didn’t notice) wore it outside. Does that count? Becca, send me your address, please, to zebrabelly at gamil.com.

And now hopefully I can catch up to some of these Reverb Broads posts.

The Groundhog Predicts Six More Weeks of Tweets

7 03 2011

Elliott’s present to me: a homemade Lego Harry Potter set complete with “the guy with a blaster”. Naturally. ❤
2 Feb

Margie's: a hand made popsicle stick frame with a picture of her in it. ❤
2 Feb

Elliott's review of a rock hard meatball: It's yummy, I just can't eat it.
2 Feb

Margie made a DS out of cardstock and just told me: "Hey I just learned you can Skype on here!" Love kids.
4 Feb

On the way home today Elliott recited the ENTIRE "Cake or Death” bit. I can’t tell if this makes us terrible parents or awesome ones.
4 Feb

Puppy Bowl is the best part about football.
6 Feb

These chocolate chip cookies just became coconut chocolate chip. OH DAMN.
7 Feb

PS. I’m tweeting this because the recipe told me to. True Story.
7 Feb

Margie, to me: “I’m using the Force to get me some orange juice. You’re the Force.”
8 Feb

8 Feb

Margie: “Every color is better when it’s neon.” Me: “Disowned!”
12 Feb

ZebraBelly just told Alex we’re starting the #zombunnyapocalypse – turns out that’s harder to say out loud than I expected.
12 Feb

Elliott’s Webkinz are named Dudemaster and Spy Koala.
15 Feb

I need an Alice- she is ALWAYS serving Mr and Mrs Brady coffee.
18 Feb

ZebraBelly is watching Man vs Food: Niagra and discovering that Wonderfalls is more fact than fiction. Except, for course, for the fiction.
19 Feb

Elliott: If only I had a triangle mouth!
21 Feb

ZebraBelly just watched the episode of the Brady Bunch where football players grapple with wanting to sing in Glee Club without losing respect. Hrm.
21 Feb

Margie has cleaned up, educated her brother, and she’s been super polite and amazing today. BEST. THURSDAY. EVER.
24 Feb

I don’t consider myself stupid until I try to swipe my damn card at the grocery store. WTF, me?
24 Feb

28 Feb

Happy Things on My Birthday

3 02 2011

margie's gift to me

elliott's gift to me

birthday breakfast, hot coffee warms up my hands

devilled eggs are my favorite

lady bug luck

jar of lavender, jar of honey

free coffee: happy

gluten free goat cheese pizza

ugly delicious brownies

Lamb – Cute for Your Eyes, Not for Your Belly

3 05 2010

I’m an adventurous carnivore so when I saw some lamb sausages at Whole Foods the other day, I grabbed four for my family. At dinnertime, I threw them in the oven and went about my business. When it came time to start the rest of the food, I wandered into the kitchen and caught a whiff of something HORRIBLE. Horrible. I checked the trash – not there. Sniffed the sink – not the garbage disposal. I sat there wondering what this rotting stench could be when it slowly dawned on me that maybe it was the lamb. So I opened the oven a took a careful sniff. Oh. Yes. Nasty. And yet, I remembered how corned beef smells pretty awful for part of the cooking process and still, somehow, magically ends up tasting delicious. So I decided to give the lamb a chance. As it turns out? No. Lamb isn’t as cooperative as corned beef. We all agreed: it was dis.gus.ting. Moral of the story is: Cute does not necessarily equal delicious.