On the Interconnectedness of All Things. Or at least of television shows.

4 06 2012

The TV I’ve been watching lately has been oddly interconnected. More than usual, or at least it feels that way. Let me explain. No. There is too much. Let me sum up.

I’m kidding, there’s not too much. You just don’t waste an Inigo line when it presents itself.

Lane Pryce (Mad Men), played by Jared Harris who also plays David Robert Jones on Fringe.
Joshua Jackson is on Fringe as Peter Bishop and also played Pacey on Dawson’s Creek (don’t judge me).
Peter’s dad, Walter, is played by John Noble, who was in the Lord of the Rings movies as Denethor.
Of course Merry the Hobbit and Charlie Pace (Lost) are played by the same actor.
I’m rewatching Lost right now and while I’ve only just finished the first season, there were two actors from later seasons recently in small roles on Fringe.

Orbiting that big ball of interconnectedness is the fact that I’ve also been watching Buffy and How I Met Your Mother, both starring Alyson Hannigan.

That’s all what’s currently on my radar. It doesn’t even include random appearances by, for instance, Alex Mack on Mad Men. Since I haven’t seen Alex Mack in like 20 years. OK. More like 15. I may or may not have been watching preteen sci-fi shows when I was *cough*20*cough*. The important thing to note is that I was NOT watching teenage soap operas when I was 20.

I saved that for when I turned 34.


Its fun to see different actors in different roles. And most of them are such good actors that it doesn’t even feel strange to see them as entirely different characters. But the sheer volume of celebrity incest flowing through my Netflix Instant Queue right now sometimes makes my brain reel. Some could argue that I’m watching too much TV right now. Some could suck it.

And I guess what’s really odd is that this is pretty much all the TV I’m watching right now (or recently finished). And it’s ALL interconnected on one way or another. Usually interconnectedness makes me think there is a message from the universe here somewhere. But I can’t figure out what message there is in this mass of small screen stories. Maybe that I should invest in Hulu Plus? Do you think The Universe is taking advertising now, too?