Small Business Saturday

26 11 2011

Like Black Friday, but more ethical.

In honor of SBS, here are my current favorite Etsy shops:

BethanyActually – Even if I didn’t play favorites with my friends, Bethany’s shop would be on here. Her dottery(TM) is not only pretty to look at, but often adorned with geeky quotes. Geekery aside, I’m currently drooling over this autumn tree mug (although it’s not for you. Unless you are Sarah).

The Realist Mermaid – Full disclosure: I haven’t tried any of Mariah’s food (yet!), but again with the playing favorites with friends. But, aside from the fact that she is a friend of mine, I’m sharing this because Mariah and I tend to share the same ideas about what constitutes healthy food, and she makes a lot of gluten-, dairy-, and other allergen-free foods. It’s hard to find whole foods sweets, especially allergy-friendly ones.

Pretty Little Charms – I recently found this shop and I wanted to share it not only because her stuff is so incredibly gorgeous (something like elegant nerd), but because she was awesome to work with. Extremely long story extremely short, there was an issue on my end with the order and she was so easy going and pleasant and understanding about it. I know I’ll buy from her again someday.

Phoebe’s Treasure – I’ve ordered from here several times over the years. In fact those two rings I wear daily (the green bead and the lapis one) were originally from here along with some of my favorite earrings. She’s always great to work with and her jewelry is simple but unique.

Lazy Cat Cut Coins – I love coins. I love jewelry. That pretty much sums that up.

Secret Agent Josephine – In addition to being a published author (more on that soon), Brenda’s got a shop full of VERY CUTE STUFF.

So go forth and support capitalism without corporatism! Happy shopping!


I’m on a Shoe High

29 09 2010

Last weekend we went to our very first R.E.I. Used Gear Sale. We went hoping we might find some camping stuff, and we did. But the BEST part were the shoes. I found two pairs of new-looking shoes in my size, even, for prices so low I can’t say them out loud. Just kidding. I totally can. But I have to shout them because they ARE SO AWESOME.

I don’t know why they were returned – if they didn’t fit these womens’ feet very well, or if it was just buyers remorse or if maybe The Universe just loves me THAT MUCH. But you won’t see me complaining. Instead you will see me showing off my super cute new shoes.

The first pair I spotted was a pair of Mary Janes. I have been obsessed with Mary Janes since Grunge and even though I don’t tie flannels around my waist anymore, I still have several pairs of MJ’s at any given moment. I can’t help myself. I’ve been wanting a pair that was sturdy and good for walking, but still cute and these seemed like the right ones. They were marked at $5. For essentially new shoes with no defects. That’s better than Target clearance, my friends! But when I got home and looked them up, I nearly peed my pants when I saw that the original price is $85. EIGHTY-FIVE DOLLARS. EIGHTY-FIVE DOLLARS. So I bought these shoes at something like 90% off? And that is when I fainted.

The second pair were some Keen sandals marked at $10. These turned out to be $95 shoes. And then I fainted some more.

The moral of the story is that I will never miss another R.E.I. Used Gear Sale. Also now that I’ve said this all out loud, I’ll probably never find another great deal. Go knock more wood! Quick!

It’s been a good week for my mailbox.

25 07 2008

I’ve been shopping. A few weeks ago my AP message board got together and purchased 50 of these skirts so we could get a good deal. And it was a good deal. Instead of the $40 each at the swap meet, I got four for about that price. WOO! I love them so much I am hoping to do another co-op locally (anyone want in?).

my favorite skirt?


And then last week I spent some time using keywords like “curvy woman” on Etsy and found some other awesome things I had to have. (But, really, I need pretty much everything in Mamacita’s shop.)

I love Etsy. I love that I can find stunningly beautiful, yet fun and funky things for prices I can afford. And I love that they are handmade and that I can support an artist instead of buying some mainstream piece of crap that will break the second time I wear it.

My daughter spent awhile today ranting and raving about she never gets anything new or pretty or “big”. Because, really I lock her in a dark closet and give her Q-Tips to play with. Heaven forbid mom gets something for herself, eh? Lesson learned. (Not really.)

Guess where I went today?

28 11 2007

guess where i went today?


The answer is even BETTER. Sort of. You know, if you hate all those fun rides and stuff.

One of the local-ish outlet malls (Viejas for you locals) has a temporary DisneyLAND clearance store. OMGWTF!? We’ve been talking about going all week. The husband even considered taking a day off work to go. No, really. We are that geeky about Disneyland.

The sweatshirt? I’ve been regretting not buying for the last two years but at $42 I could not justify it at the time. But the store today had it! And it was only $12! Awesome!

And the Minnie ears? Eh. I would not have bought them at the full price of $10+, but at NINETY-TWO PERCENT OFF how could I NOT get them? I think I might buy a bag of shit if someone sold it to me for 92% off.

Along the same vein, I also bought some other random weird crap I would not normally spend money on. Like the Chip & Dale popcorn buckets I don’t even know what I will use them for? But they were THIRTY-FIVE CENTS. And you cannot pass up such things. The Gods of shopping will see you pass that up and curse you from enjoying a sale ever again. The husband says we will take them to the park and buy refills of popcorn for cheap. I don’t know if they do that, but it sounds worth a try, no?

All in all, I’d say this might be the best day ever. I know I’m supposed to say that about the days my children were born, but, you see, my children did not come on sale at NINETY-TWO PERCENT OFF. So I think maybe they are bumped down to second.

Profit Con

29 07 2007

So I’ve been suffering and complaining all weekend that my husband has run off to Comic Con and left me to work “overtime” being a mom. Well, I will stop complaining now.

They give out tons of free promotional stuff – posters, shirts, pins, key chains, etc – and we usually sell a little of it on eBay but this year we hit the jackpot, I think.

Yesterday alone we sold:
~Indiana Jones promo book and coin – $25 (and another currently bid for $10)
~Star Trek movie t-shirt – $25
~Sweeney Todd (Johnny Depp) movie poster – $70

Not to mention a couple of things that are currently bid on and a few more that will, hopefully, be bid on soon. But even if not, I am on an eBay high after that Sweeney Todd poster, man. That alone makes me happy.

So, yeah. The complaining is all done now.

Big Brother Saves the Day!

20 01 2007

Sometimes Big Brother comes in darn handy.

I bought this coffeemaker for myself as a Christmas present with some money my dad sent. And then? It died. It just stopped working! In the morning, the clock was on, in the evening it was not and no amount of cord-wiggling would fix it. My ever-helpful husband suggested I should maybe plug it in and I promptly wrung his neck because it WAS plugged in!

Now, I always take extra care to save every reciept I might need – I have them all organized in a file – because more and more places are getting reallllly picky about not allowing returns without one. But this one? Nope, it got lost.

The good news? I paid with my debit card! Since The Man is so nosy and keeps records of every dang thing ever, he had a record of my purchase of this product! Woo! So I returned it with no problems.

And the best part? Was that the coffeemaker decided to die the week Target had it on SALE so I actually got it for $11 cheaper than originally! Yippee!

Maybe the information era isn’t so scary, after all. I mean, sure, there are refridgerators that tell you when you need more milk (and likely send that info straight to the Pentagon, too!) but they also save you when you do something dumb like losing the one reciept that ends up being important. So, thank you, The Man. Thank you.

Record Breaking!

19 01 2007

This reciept is a few weeks old now, but I felt it was still important to record the day I spent LESS THAN A DOLLAR at Target. And here’s the proof!