Oy. Update Cubed.

24 05 2008

After losing electricty several more times, it finally gave up completely. But not after a brownout or several. I spoke to my landlord during this time and wanna hear his opinion on brownouts? OK, make sure you aren’t gonna wake any babies or anything by laughing. He told me that none of my appliances or electronics would be damaged because the electricity was only either off or on – never in between.


“Is that why the lights are only halfway on?” I asked him.

He promised to replace any appliances that were damaged.

But that night we came home right at the kids’ bedtime to discover that the power had finally given up. Three hour later we were finally in a hotel down the road. It was a pretty darn nice hotel. Not like the one we stayed in last summer during the tenting. You know, the one that came with free panties? It was just a bummer that we couldn’t enjoy it more.

In any case we are back home and I am just run out. Exhausted. I woke up this morning with my eyes completely bloodshot (rare for me) and puffy. The husband sent me back to bed. I’m still tired. And have no coffee creamer for coffee. Why? Because all the food in thr fridge is bad. I’m assuming everything in the deep freeze is fine (right?) but the fridge food needs to be replaced. So I am off to do that in a bit. Which isn’t all bad because a trip to Trader Joes is in order (and it’s free! paid for by the landlord. This is one aspect of renting that I will sorely miss when we own).

And an update on the camera? Well, I’ll be back later for that. *wink wink*