PhotoJojo University

21 04 2013

Back in March I took a month-long iPhoneography class from PhotoJojo. It was a really fun class that pointed me to some cool new apps, showed me a few things about my phone I wasn’t aware of before, and taught me some techniques I’ve been having fun playing with. These are my favorite photos from the class.

#pjuniversity Tower. Double exposed.

#pjuniversity #nofilter Squirrel's eye view.

Pine and oak bokeh. #pjuniversity

And then we practiced quidditch. #pjuniversity #fastcamera Contrast adjusted in #snapseed

7 Days: Day 3 (Triplets)

#slowshutter #snapseed


Disneyland, Instagrammed

28 01 2013

Because even emo goths love Disneyland.





Listen in to an 1890 party line conversation.


In which Indiana Jones saves me from ritzy people.

4 08 2012

The day that I took Orangey the Orange Camera to the beach, I happened to be just around the corner from the Cave Store, so called because it has a cave. (La Jolla is not known for their creativity. They name all their streets La Jolla – I suspect to keep the ghetto people too confused to be there.)

I haven’t been to the Cave Store since I was in 5th or 6th grade and my mom took some of my friends and me there. And I have never been IN the cave because, dudes? Caves are scary. As a child I was convinced it was going to collapse on my head. As an adult I’m still pretty much convinced of that, but I’m better at distracting myself. Despite the fact that I’d been in the cave store, I’d all but forgotten about that cave until Bethany blogged about it.

True story – the first time I rode Indiana Jones and the Temple of DON’T LOOK MARA IN THE EYES OH MY GOD SOMEONE LOOKED MARA IN THE EYES WE’RE ALL FUCKED NOW, I was pretty much terrified of the queue. And it’s not even a real cave. It’s made with, like, engineering. And DISNEY engineering at that, so you KNOW it’s not going to collapse on you or that the booby traps are totally not actually going to hurt you. But I didn’t really believe that. Repeated exposure and the fact that sometimes the booby traps don’t even work anymore have gotten me to a point where I’m not scared at all in the queue for that ride anymore. Go me!

me, in a cave, not dying

So I figured I was brave enough to go in the Cave Store’s cave. And I was. With minimal anxiety. But I kept having this nagging feeling that I really wished Indiana Jones was there to save me. Just in case. Frankly, that could be a general rule in my life, actually. In the grocery store? “I wish Indiana Jones was here to save me. Just in case.” At park day? “I wish Indiana Jones was here to save me. Just in case.” In scary caves tucked away in impossibly ritzy beach neighborhoods? ESPECIALLY. It’s like Xanax, but way sexier.

sunny jim

All this to say that I took this picture from inside the cave, to compliment the picture I took a few years ago from outside the cave.

sunny jim from the outside

So, if you see Indiana Jones, can you tell him I need him? Kthx.

Some Recent Instragrams

2 08 2012

Yesterday I uploaded 95 photos that had been sitting on my phone waiting for me to become un-lazy. Here they are! Just kidding! Here are my favorites!

old town

scary dolls will GET YOU

saddest words ever


rainbow juice

I got a little verklempt

teas: green and hibiscus

geeky pillows


If I post some pictures here, you’ll think I’m blogging.

10 05 2012

Recent Instagrams.

And by “recent” I mean “back when it was cold enough for gloves.”

reading at the park

rainbow glovey thing

hill o' cacti

my feet at five guys

buddha and the fire

eggplant babies!

sea horse


10 09 2010

I’ll start with the yellow shoes. Just so Ana can finish reading an entry.

yellow shoes

I particularly like it how the trash that the neighbor kids throw in my front yard is hardly recognizable for what it is.

Today the kids and I went to Balboa Park and used our Groupon for a Museum of Man family membership. I took these there. (I also took a nap* in the Egyptian play room. Turns out Friday mornings at museums ROCK. For napping, I mean. Not for, like, partying.)

museum of man

And then two selfies to remind you about the upcoming 7 Days Run. Yippee!!!

Extreme MySpace angle – very flattering.

How about some food?


And, lastly, two shots from a recent trip to the movie theater.



Wait, no, there’s more! Oh, turns out I haven’t uploaded them yet. Please wait. Enjoy some Muzak.

do dee doo do de dee doo de doo doo

OK, we’re back! With more photos from Balboa Park! This time at night! I’m really excited!

Those fancy lamps always remind me of torture, now that I think about it. I’m not sure if it’s because of the chains and the general medieval look, or if it’s because I once saw an exhibit on torture at Balboa Park.

This post has been brought to you by Hipstamatic and a slightly loopy Zebra.

*That’s a total lie. I didn’t nap. I just laid down on the bed for 20 minutes and wished I was napping.