Avocado Fries – STAT

26 07 2012

avocado fries

I happened across a recipe tonight for avocado fries and thought to myself, “Self? YOU NEED TO EAT THOSE. RIGHT NOW.” Only the recipe called for breadcrumbs (gluten) and frying (too messy – I’m lazy as hell) so I decided to just make up my own recipe on the spot. I do this from time to time and usually the food is edible (and by “edible” I mean “I’ll eat pretty much anything you put in front of me”), but tonight’s experiment was AWESOME. It was simple, healthy, grain-free, and fast. This is a good recipe for anyone who’s lazy as hell (like me).

Almond flour (approximately 1/2 C per avocado? I don’t know, I don’t measure anything)
Onion powder & salt to taste

Mix those together. Slice the avocado and gently dredge each piece in the almond flour mixture. Lay on a silpat or parchment paper and spray with oil (I use sunflower in a mister because that’s the kind of oil we are allowed to eat what with our 150 food allergies*). Bake at 400 degrees for maybe 15 minutes (also, I don’t time anything), turn once during baking.

That’s it. Easy and super delicious.

*Which I haven’t blogged about yet. But I will. Probably. Maybe.


Weird Hippie Food

21 01 2012

Between needing to avoid gluten and personally believing in a traditional-foods based diet, I am always on the lookout for weird hippie food. Food that’s stuffed with nutrition and low in sugar. I like to eat healthy, but I also like to eat deliciously. Recently I’ve tried a few new recipes I wanted to share with you.

It started with some almond flour muffins that Elliott really likes. It is so hard to make that child a muffin he likes that has some actual nutrition in it. So score for Elana’s Pantry. (FTR, I always sub agave for honey.)

Later in the week I decided I wanted to make some avocado-based chocolate mousse. I’ve heard of such a thing and had it in mind for a long time, but had never actually done it. Strangely, and probably because the world revolves around me*, the first entry when I Googled for a recipe was from a woman I’ve met at playgroups a few times, years ago. In her entry she suggests using it as a frosting so I totally whipped up another batch of muffins and frosted those bad boys.

weird hippie food

Actually, I only frosted this one because, in Margie’s words, “This mousse takes like your breakfast shakes.” With a very clear emphasis of distaste on the latter part of that sentence. Fine. More for me.

weird hippie food

And maybe I should say here that I’m really not very picky. (Except for seafood.) So I liked it, although I definitely think it’s not your average frosting. Maybe if it was a little sweeter. Or had no avocado. But then you can’t have green veggies** on your cake so it sort of defeats the hippie part.

Ever since joining Pinterest, I’ve been taunted with mug cakes. I don’t have a microwave so I thought I couldn’t play this game. But then, a few months ago, Sonja sent me a mug cake mix that totally said, “Hey, stupid, use your toaster oven.” Only maybe the package worded it a little more nicely. So I’ve spent the last weeks trying to find the perfect hippie gluten-free mug cake. And here it is. (Hint: It tastes best served with Doctor Who: Scene It, but you may skip that step.)

Happy Thing: Mug Cake & Scene It Doctor Who

Weird Hippie Gluten-Free Mug Cake

1Tbs Coconut Flour
2Tbs Cocoa Powder
4Tbs Sweetener (I use whatever mix of sugar, rapadura, or coconut sugar that I fancy at the moment. Sometimes I use less)
1Tbs Oil
3-4Tbs Milk (I use coconut or rice or whatever I have open)

Mix, bake at 350 for about 20-25 minutes. Done!

So, yeah. Who wants to come over and play Doctor Who: Scene It?

game pieces

*I have proof.
**If it’s green, it’s a veggie. Dammit.

The Day Began and Ended With Chocolate and Coconut Flour

8 01 2012

cocoa coconut pancakes

On weekend mornings I make pancakes. Or sleep in. Occasionally both, but never at once. I nearly always use this recipe, based in coconut flour. Because it’s delicious, nutritious, and gluten-free-tious. Sometimes I get fancy with it and add something like cocoa powder and cinnamon, or pumpkin pie spice. I have this fantasy of adding Via to it, but my kids are all too young for coffee and stuff. Lame.

Honestly, I find this recipe a little bit unreliable even when I am following the directions exactly (which we all know isn’t often). So I’m not sure if coconut flour is a little moody (it is), or if my eggs are the wrong size, or if the Kitchen Gods just hate me (likely), but it doesn’t really matter because no matter how fluffy they are that particular day, they are always delicious.



I spend a lot of time on Pinterest these days. And it’s changed my life. I make all the cool potatoes now. Last night these peanut butter balls came across the Pinsphere and Bethany and I had a balls-off. Only we didn’t call it that until this moment (but we’re totally calling it that now. Right, Bethany?).

Because gluten-free pretzels cost about $400/bag, I couldn’t bear the thought of using them in this recipe. Also I didn’t have any in the house at the moment. So I mixed up some peanut butter with some coconut flour and added a little raw honey. I didn’t sweeten the chocolate chips because, duh, they’re already sweet. I also didn’t refrigerate the balls before dipping them in chocolate because, duh, I’m lazy. I’ll admit it got a little awkward there, but, me and my balls, we made it through just fine. And they were delicious, my balls.


And that is the story of how my Saturday began and ended with chocolate and coconut flour. It was a good day. Now I shall go have more peanut butter balls.

7 Days: Day 3 (The Tamales are Tamales!)

23 12 2011

7 days: Day 3 (The Tamales are Tamales!)

I decided to make tamales for Yule this year, but during the process I became quite worried as to how they’d turn out. The husks didn’t cooperate at all, I think they needed to soak longer maybe. The process required a lot more cuss words than I’d been prepared for. But when it came time to eat them they were not bad at all. They aren’t the prettiest tamales ever, and some on the edges of the crock pot got crispy (mmmm…. crispy…) but they generally resembled tamales and were declared to be delicious by everyone, even my picky six year old.

I found the recipe here and it was fairly easy except for the part which was difficult (the assembly).

On a side note, I took this photo, was disappointed that my hand didn’t make it in the shot, and then realized that my torso totally also counts as me. And then I realized that my other hand actually did make it in the shot. Thank god I’m cute.

Two recipes for you! You’re welcome.

1 04 2011

Lavender Popcorn

lavender popcorn

Last weekend we went to Summer’s place to celebrate her birthday with a brunch. I wanted to bring something to share, but I could not figure out what was easy, cheap and quick (because I had about 45 minutes before we had to leave. What? I has mad procrastination skillz). Popcorn! But what kind of popcorn? Salt and pepper? Rosemary and garlic? It had to be something special and yet still brunchyish. Lavender. Yes. So I mixed up some lavender buds with some sugar (organic evaporated cane juice) and a little salt while the popcorn popped in coconut oil. Drizzled the popped corn with a little more oil and then tossed it in the sugar mixture. The general consensus was that it was a great idea. Even Margie, who declared she wouldn’t eat it (so I also prepared some simple EVOO and salt popcorn, too) loved it.

Good-For-You Magic Shell

Happy Thing: Homemade GOOD FOR YOU Magic Shell

A couple of years ago I made magic shell on my own and it was, indeed, magic. It was pretty much exactly like the stuff you buy in the store. But it was made with chocolate chips (or any other chocolate you want) and therefore refined sugar. I’d always wondered if I could make a more whole version with maybe raw honey and cocoa powder. So I found a recipe that called for equal parts coconut oil, raw honey and cocoa powder and mixed that up and tried it out. The flavor was delicious, but the consistency was not like the store bought kind. The honey made it much chewier than refined sugar is. So will I make it again? You bet! But I’ll also sometimes make the regular kind.

magic shell on a spoon

Cauliflower Pizza

14 02 2011

cauli 'za

For the record, this is not a substitute for regular bread pizza crust* (well, maybe it would be if you cooked the cauli first, but I’m dubious). But it is delicious. And it does make for an extra vegetable in the meal, and fewer pesky grains. And it is most certainly gluten-free. That’s win-win-win if I counted right.

Most recipes seem to follow the formula of 1 Cup riced cauliflower to 1 C shredded cheese to one egg. I think the first time I made it with slightly less cheese and it was still really yummy. If you can’t do dairy Daiya cheese would work very well.

To rice the cauli, all you do is pulse it through the food processor until it is about the size of rice. I hear you can also use this in stir-fry and I can’t wait to try that next time my CSA box is blessed with cauliflower.

romanesco cauliflower

riced cauliflower

Once that’s accomplished, mix your ingredients together and add whatever seasonings you like. I’d recommend garlic, rosemary, garlic, salt & pepper and possibly more garlic (if you are trying to keep Edward Cullen away or just like the flavor as much as I do). Drop onto cookie sheets greased or lined with parchment and form into pizza crust shapes.

formed into crust, ready to bake

Throw in the oven and bake at 350 or maybe 400 if that floats your boat until they are beginning to look golden. Then you top them like a normal pizza and bake again until the cheese is golden. I also made some “bread” sticks and put some dipping sauces (dandelion pesto and pizza sauce) on the table to go with.

cauliflower 'za

*For gluten-free bread pizza crust, we love Udi’s.

Lavender Cookies

26 01 2011

i nommed it

One of the best parts of my swap package was a recipe for lavender cookies complete with lavender buds. I’ve had them stuck to the fridge for weeks now, drooling every time I walked past.  I considered saving them for my birthday next week, but I finally couldn’t stand the suspense any longer and I made them last night.

I don’t typically cook at night. I don’t know why. I think it began when Margie was a baby and refused to be put down or to stay asleep if so much as a pin dropped within several miles. And then it just became a part of how I do things. But knowing Bethany who often (unless maybe she’s all drugged up on nursing hormones) bakes the night away has made me realize that just because my kids are asleep doesn’t mean I have to be glued to the couch – particularly now that Margie sleeps like a normal kid.

And so I baked cookies last night. And it was a good idea.

lavender cookehs

Corey’s recipe called for almonds, but I had some pecans left over from holiday baking so I used those instead. I also subbed out the butter for palm shortening because I am low on Earth Balance and also because Claire informed me that palm shortening is a totally better choice anyway. I subbed out the wheat flour for my basic gluten-free mix and I think the white sugar (or, you know, organic evaporated cane juice) probably helped stabilize the dough to make them as perfect as wheat ones would be. And then, for the last few cookies, I added chocolate chips and you know what? Eh. The lavender itself is incredible – believe it or not the chocolate actually takes away from the perfectness. Such a rare event is bound to be evidence for how awesome these cookies are. So you should make some.

and then i added chocolate chips

The problem is that now I want lavender in everything. Brownies? YES! Coconut bark? YES! My friend makes a kickass lavender lemonade, and another friend gave me lavender chocolates for Christmas. I am pretty sure this year is going to be all about lavender.

And now, Corey’s recipe – thanks again, Corey, for letting me share this!

1/2 C butter
2 eggs
1 C sugar
1 1/2 C flour
1 tsp baking powder
2/3 C almonds
1 Tbs lavender buds
pinch salt

Stir lavender and sugar together. Combine remaining ingredients. Cut in butter. Beat eggs and combine until a dough is formed. Drop on a greased cookie sheet and bake at 350 for 12-14 minutes. Makes 3-5 dozen.