About the Zebra

mah new shirt
Bonnie. The Zebra. Oh the marks my first pregnancy gave me. Enough, even, to last through two pregnancies since I didn’t get any new stripes with my son. I had plenty the first time to last me through the rest of my pregnancies, I’m sure. But that’s physical. Who am I inside? At the top of the blog you can get a mish-mash of words reflecting various aspects of who I am. I’m me. I strive to be a hippie. There was a time not so long ago that I desired greatly to be considered a hippie and then I went and did crazy things like had two homebirths and didn’t vaccinate my kids. We used cloth diapers (used being the key word there) and I ditched all my household cleaners and replaced with vinegar and baking soda. So I’m getting there. I’m stuck in the 90’s and miss the Grunge Era. I’m a work at home single mom who drives a minivan name Natalie Bubbles. I created and run The Shape of a Mother and This is a Woman. I write for BlogHer’s Own Your Beauty. I’ve lived here in this area nearly all my life and in these very apartments more than half my life. Now I’m rambling and I don’t suppose you actually know anything much about me. Well, if you know me already then yay, and for those who dont stay tuned!

The (Soon to Be) Ex-Husband:
some geek thing
We were married for a long time but wound up being better friends than spouses (spice?). He’s one of the most loving dad’s I’ve seen and counts himself the funniest person he knows (which makes his friends mad to hear it, but it might be close to true).

The Daughter:
Happy Thing: Silliness
Margie is NINE! years old. She blows my mind daily. We homeschool and keep active with things like park days, field trips, community activities, classes, and et cetera. She is a fracking genius. She is a whirlwind of emotions; her eyes sparkle with starlight when she is happy and she wails louder than a freight train when she is sad. All in all, she’s the reason I am who I am today.

The Son:
and then he crushed my head
Elliott is just about to turn six. I was terrified of having a boy, but he’s stolen my heart. He’s an absolute doll. He loves letters and numbers and knows the entire alphabet and numbers up to the teens. He is minutes away from reading Moby Dick, I think. He is my sweet, caring boy.

2 responses

17 01 2009

Does your blog have a feed i’m missing?
Help or I will never to remember to look.
I know I’m techno inept.

29 01 2009
June Cleaver

Your site is intense! Rock on!

I am a fellow knitter and political consultant. Coulter is a bitch.

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