The rest of the Yule pictures.

22 12 2012

We decorated the house.


When I was a kid my grandma had this little village she’d set up every year and I ADORED it. When she died, someone offered it to me, but I couldn’t take it. Because, as an adult, I now realize it was ugly as sin. Inadvertently, I’ve spent the last years collecting various little houses and trees during Christmas clearances, and I realize now that these are becoming my village.

We made Yule candles. And then I added Frankincense and Myrrh because why not?

We rolled candles out of beeswax to light on Yule. I set up the chimes on the altar.

Yule altar.



We drove to look at holiday lights.

Holiday of lights.

And then my kids woke up at 4:30am. Which was not cool at all. But, almost two and a half hours later, we saw the sunrise.

Solstice sunrise.

Chimes for the sun.

Sunrise watchers

And the world did not end. Which was good, because I’d bought a ham for dinner.

Yule Dinner. All sorts of foods we shouldn't be eating. Wish us luck.

And Yule is the one day of the year that I actually find a mess joyful.

Yep. That's how it works. And this doesn't even include the mess of Legos being built in the other room.

Happy Yule!



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