(Pretend this is a real post.) Here are the things I Tweeted.

7 11 2012

I wonder if Uther Pendragon’s anti-magic policies were a leading factor in creation of the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy? #nerd
Oct 1

The wise Depeche Mode once asked, “What makes a man hate another man?” I found the answer: stupid drivers. They make me hate them.
Oct 3

My cat thinks every afternoon is a very good time for a marathon nap. My cat is wise beyond his months.
Oct 4

Just passed the new library (in the mall) which boasts that it’s family friendly. Oh good. I was worried it was the other kind of library.
Oct 6

I am 34 1/2. Today, for the first time ever, I got sunburned on my shins. I’m going to write this in my baby book.
Oct 7

The cat is battling the Evil Shoebox of Doom. Thank god he’s here to protect us. From. Shoeboxes.
Oct 9

My TV is old and ghetto and doesn’t do widescreen so the Coin Wash in #DrHorrible said “OIN WAS” & now I’m dying to know what Oin was doing.
Oct 9

Arthur to Merlin, “It’s almost as if my mother is… part of me.” Funny how that science shit works, huh?
Oct 10

Elliott, looking at the sunset: It looks like there’s a fire! And also a curse!
Oct 11

I just don’t understand why bacon isn’t a balanced diet.
Oct 14

I hate it when Google corrects my KPBS to PBS. Back off my local public television station, Google.
Oct 14

In other news, I love it that Steven Keaton worked at a public television station. Even as a kid I got nerdily excited about that.
Oct 14

There are oats in this apple crisp. Therefore: breakfast.
Oct 17

There are oats in this apple crisp. Therefore: lunch.
Oct 17

I feel a little smug that I’m the only person at the gym watching Netflix on the phone while I exercise.
Oct 17

Seeing two grasshoppers in one day is pretty much definitely a plague, right?
Oct 18

I’m going start a rumor that there’s a Weeping Angel at the back of the cemetery in the Haunted Mansion.
Oct 19

“Look! Those lions killed that zebra AND THEY’RE GOING TO EAT IT!” <–New favorite Jungle Cruise line.
Oct 19

All I'm asking is for Matthew Crawley to exist, to do so in this decade, and to marry me. I think that's a perfectly reasonable request.
Oct 20

I'm sitting in a rocking chair, knitting and watching Masterpiece. It's official. I'm 70.
Oct 20

Do all nuclear power plants look like boobs or are we just lucky?
Oct 25

Today I went to Santa Ana during a Santa Ana. If I HAVE to deal with super dry weather, I'm at least glad it's matchy-matchy.
Oct 25

My sink is full of dirty dishes. Time to move.
Oct 27

Elliott, excited about dinner: Mom, you're the best maker! Because everything you make is always good!
Oct 30

Elliott, traumatized on seeing the people (not Lego) version of Crystal Skull for the first time: But why are Indiana Jones and Marion OLD??
Oct 30




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