A Conversation With a Ten-Year-Old

2 10 2012

Me: One year, when I worked on base at the exchange, I got Melissa a postcard featuring Marines doing water training. I used it as a birthday card because I knew she’d find the randomness funny.

Margie: That’s weird.

Me: Well, we were weird.

Margie: No. I mean, it’s weird that they’d even put that on a post card. Why would anyone buy that? I mean. Unless they were Marines.

Me: Um. Well. They were Marines. I bought it on base.

Margie: OH! Haha! I thought you meant a spy base.

Me: Nope. Just Ma- Wait. You thought I worked on a spy base? I am so blogging this conversation.

Margie: No! Who’s going to read it! People I know?

Me: Of course. I think pretty much most of the people who read it know you. Like Bethany and Sonja.

…Lull in the conversation…

Margie: They should make a band.

Me: What? Who? Bethany and Sonja?

Margie: Haha! No!

Me: Ah. And this is why specifying your noun is important.

Margie: They should make a band, though. They could be called The Mustaches. Or The Actually Mustaches.




2 responses

3 10 2012

THE ACTUALLY MUSTACHES! I’m dying of laughter because I have to hold it in so I don’t wake my sleep/nursing Corbin.
This whole post is full of the awesome. I heart you, Margie!

3 10 2012
bethany actually

I laughed all of Sonja’s laughter for her because I am not currently holding a sleeping baby. I’m still laughing even after typing all of this. Troy is behind me saying, “What’s going on? What’s so funny? What?

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