7 Days: Day 4 (Steampunk Exhibit)

25 09 2012

7 Days: Day 4 (Steampunk Exhibit)

On Tuesdays the kids go to a Junior Theatre class in Balboa Park so we have an hour and a half of grownup time to kill during the day (mostly, anyway. There is at least one kid who hangs out with us, and sometimes more, but they are not MY kids. Muhahahaha!) About a month ago the kids (mine that day) and I went to the Automotive Museum to check out their steampunk exhibit and I’d been wanting to go back with the big camera. Today was really my last chance since the exhibit closes at the end of this month. It turned out to be the free admission day so that was a nice extra surprise.

This exhibit was small, but creative. My favorite parts were a flying chair designed to help you service your dirigible, and a time machine with a “Death Plow” (because time traveling isn’t easy). You can see the whole set here. I didn’t get as many good pictures as I’d have hoped because my big camera is Having Problems. Today’s biggest obstacle was a nearly dead battery. I mean dead-dead. Like needs-to-be-replaced-because-it-can’t-hold-a-charge-anymore-dead. This is why I’m using the little orange camera so much this week.

You can find me reflected upside down in the car’s headlight. Claire and Quinn are in the background.







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