7 Days: Day 2 (Raiders. Of the Lost Stripes?)

23 09 2012

7 Days: Day 2 (Raiders. Of the Lost Stripes?)

That is the worst picture title ever.

But it fits because I’m having a very flaky weekend in terms of basic camera operating. Yesterday I deleted all the pictures off the camera, today I forgot to clean the lens (after it’s been in water it gets all… scummy). I hate when I don’t love my pictures. *sigh* I took some group shots in the theatre but they were meh because I felt all rushed since the usher was coming in to clean the theatre and even though he was super nice and said we didn’t have to rush, I’ve done that job before and I know customers are annoying. Heh.

I’d taken this one before the movie started. We shall pretend those smudges are on their mirror and not my camera lens, OK? I’m used to my DSLR – this little point & shoot is hard, you guys.

So, anyway, Bethany, Katie, and my friend Kathy went to see Raiders of the Lost Ark today. Like. In a THEATRE. I’d never seen it on the big screen before and I learned two things.

1. That golden idol at the beginning has real-looking creepy eyes.
2. Belloq, on the other hand, has beautiful eyes.

So I learned things about eyes.

Also, Katie and I had a good giggle at a Slytherin reference. (HARRY POTTER IS REAL, YOU GUYS.)

Uh, and the shirt is striped in honor of today’s theme. I almost, *ahem* forgot to mention that.




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