7 Days: Day 1 (Under Water)

22 09 2012

7 Days: Day 1 (Under Water)

I do not like water up my nose.

Summer, Katie and I went up to see Maggie and hang out around her pool (well, the pool at her apartment complex). It’s been hot here and Maggie lives inland so it’s hotter there. But the pool was nice and we sat in the shade of the cabanas and talked/almost napped. It was lovely.

Last week, before our kayaking trip, I hit REI to grab a waterproof bag to keep my keys in just in case something wet happened to them. It turns out that my phone can feel my fingers through the plastic so I tried to take the World’s First Under Water Instagram today, but failed because my phone cannot feel my hands through the plastic under the water. Which is. Weird. But that’s ok because I’d also brought our new ACTUAL waterproof camera. We tried to get a group shot, but that turned out to be really difficult because of the floating away from each other. And then also I accidentally deleted all our tries. Because I am smrt.

Odd way to celebrate the first day of fall, I guess. I took the kids apple picking yesterday. Does that count?




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