Kayaking: Mostly Less Scary This Time.

10 09 2012

row o' kayaks

Remember when I went sea kayaking without understanding the phrase “sea kayaking”? This time I was somewhat more prepared. Also, there was less “sea”.

We met the kayak people at Shelter Island which is not even a real island. Nor is it even real. In that is is a man-made isthmus-shaped peninsula. In any case, it had no breaking waves to kick my ass so our takeoff was smooth. (Can I say “takeoff” in relation to kayaking?)


Once our whole group was floating, we headed off along the bay. Last time we kayaked it was in La Jolla, which is Spanish for “the jewel” and rightly so. La Jolla is amazing. San Diego bay is nice because there is water and ocean life and sky, but it’s less naturey since it’s full of moored boats, and surrounded by Navy sites. So visually the two are quite different, but this trip was quite exciting, too. We passed some people working with the Navy’s dolphins and got a little show as we passed. We saw this really weird ship that flips itself sideways into the water without spilling a drop of coffee. And we saw a building sort of thing that lowers totally into the bay in order to bring submarines up to be worked on when needed. The Navy is way more interesting than I ever thought.

kayak and paddle

We also saw sea lions. We were warned that the sea lions were, um, extra matey right now. And I don’t mean “matey” in the Talk Like a Pirate Day kind of way. I mean in the twitterpated kind of way. So they were swimming around us in pairs, hopefully not mating right at that moment. I’m choosing to believe they were merely at the flirting stage and hadn’t even French-kissed. At one point (and this was the scary part) I had been trying to get a picture of one who was nearby when suddenly he was NEAR.BY. Like I could have probably pet him if I was stupid. Luckily I am not. So I put down the camera and paddled the hell away. And that’s why I have no good pictures of sea lions.

i was there, too.

I love kayaking for a lot of reasons, but my favorite part yesterday was the smooth movement over the water. I could feasibly live somewhere that I needed to commute by kayak. Somewhere like Venice. Which is known for its kayaking. And also has incredible coffee.

We theoretically have another date coming up soon to explore a whole other area of San Diego Bay which I think includes a trip under the World’s Scariest Bridge. But I don’t think it’s so scary being under it so probably I’ll be OK without Xanax. Probably.





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10 09 2012
The Landy

Come on down under…we’ve got great kayaking in Australia!! Glad you enjoy it, it’s a great sport and past time!!

11 09 2012
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22 09 2012
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