Dapper Day at Disneyland

9 09 2012

Dapper Day outfit. This is what I came up with on short notice (cause its not like I've known since February or anything) and on a budget. Does it work? What kind of purse would I need?

Earlier this year when we went to Disneyland on a Sunday in February we saw people dressed up in retro-style fancy clothes. Mostly 40’s, but some from the 50’s or 60’s, and a few modern formals. At nearly the last minute we gathered the courage to ask some of them what was going on and they pointed us to Dapper Day. AND THEN WE DECIDED TO DO IT.

I had seven months to plan an outfit so naturally I waited until the last two weeks. I hit all the stores in the mall and unsurprisingly found nothing. I hit a few vintage shops and found some cute things, but none in my size. I had this sweater hanging n my closet (I know sweaters shouldn’t hang, don’t judge.) that my grandma had knit my mom back in the actual 60’s so I decided to build an outfit around it. I found an appropriate skirt at Target, some cute shoes, and I even bought nylons. I KNOW. The outfit wasn’t as fancy as most of the ones we saw, but I was wearing nylons and heels dammit. I found a satchel that worked as a work bag so I decided that my character was a librarian on her way to work. And then I had a nail polish snafu which resulted in red nail polish so I decided that my character was a slutty librarian on her way to work. Because red is such a slutty color. In 1963.

And then I got my crafty on. I like reading how Jen at Epbot creates her own jewelry from odds and ends she has saved because they look cool. Mostly I just like reading it. I’m rarely inspired to do it because I am very lazy. But I happened to have some odds and ends that would make a fantastic distractor and pull the outfit together. Years ago I’d bought a pair of cat-eye sunglasses at the swap meet for like $5. I loved the idea, but they never felt right with any of my outfits so I never wore them. But they were perfect for this. I popped the lenses out (because I do not wear my sunglasses at night) and decided they needed a chain. I knew I had a broken string of pearls that I thought might work, but I also thought that was too… big? for an eyeglass chain so I considered adding pearls to bits of chain. And then I wandered into my bedroom and found EXACTLY that. I’d forgotten I even had it. It had larger pearls on it, too, but I took them off and reconnected the chain together, and then added large jump rings which I smooshed (technical beading term) into ovals to fit on the glasses. Perfect. And I felt all sorts of crafty. Even though I hardly did anything. Like I said. Lazy.

Old timey.

So off we went to Disneyland, dapper as hell (new blog tagline?). Here is a very blurry picture of us. Some lady took it and was so proud of it that I didn’t have the heart to ask her to take it again. But it is also the best picture of all our outfits. That’s my friend Kathy, me, Katie and Summer.

we totally ate here*

My heels made it nearly the whole night but I had come prepared with a pair of flats tucked away in my satchel so I changed shoes around 10pm. I impressed myself with my heel-stamina.

iphone selfie

We hope to go again next February. And this time, maybe I’ll sew a cute dress. Or just buy one from Modcloth. Whichever.




3 responses

9 09 2012

Well, I am a professional knitwear designer and I hang sweaters. Just FYI.

Also, those glasses are the exact shape the optometrist did NOT have and I am envious. Though I did find some pretty cute ones.

9 09 2012
bethany actually

I hope you don’t mind if I crash your Dapper Day party in February. I already have a cute dress from Modcloth I could wear, so it’s practically destiny.

9 09 2012


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