Girl Camping

12 08 2012

our spot

This weekend I went camping. With GROWN UPS. (For some reason this terms offends them, but they didn’t offer me any alternatives so grown ups they remain.) To reiterate: I mean I didn’t have my kids with me. I love camping with my kids, but this was a different sort of awesome.

summer and me

This weekend was the peak of the Perseid Meteor Shower. It also turned out to be a stupid heat wave. Which was stupid. Luckily most of the campers who’d reserved spots near us decided it was too stupid to go camping in, so we got to sit in their shade. (EDIT: Not the shade of the non-existant campers themselves, just the share in their spot they weren’t camping in.) Once the sun set we sat around our campfire and watched the sky for shooting stars. And they were spectacular.


Early this year we decided we need to start earning patches for doing things. I think the original idea was to think of a goal and once we’d completed it, we’d get the patch. Only this weekend we just started verbally handing out patches for all sorts of random shit like Honorary Man or Figuring Out How to Set Up the Propane Stove Without the Help of Someone’s Kid.

two lights

As per my own personal camping tradition, I didn’t sleep much at all. At least this time I wasn’t stressing over possibly dying from lightning; I was just… not sleeping. Around 3am I bravely walked to the bathroom all by myself with hardly any thoughts to mountain lions or alien abductions (I survived and to my knowledge was not abducted), and I stopped to watch the sky a bit more in the quiet by myself. This isn’t something I normally handle well, and admittedly, I didn’t stop for more than a minute or two, but I enjoyed the moment. It was beautiful.

awake.  it helps.

PS. I’m running on three hours of sleep, plus the 10 minutes my kitten allowed me to nap so this entry kind of sucks. You should click on one of those links up there and go read some older entries that are way funnier. And more sense-making.