We Haz Kitteh

1 08 2012

it's like a portrait

So I spent most of last year pregnant with a cat (FIGURATIVELY pregnant, geesh). I had plans to take him, but last year turned out to be the Year From Hell so Summer’s sister, Aisha, who had been caring for him, kindly kept doing so. Sadly, at some point he wandered off and never came home. While his destiny worries and saddens me, I was also partly relieved. If there is any chance we may be moving to a new home in the next year, I figured it was better to wait to get a cat. So I became accustomed to the idea that we’d be cat-free for awhile longer.

And then a kitten followed Aisha home one night.


And you know what I really didn’t want? A baby cat. I’d decided to get an adult cat because babies are hard, and I am old and tired.

But something about this cat made me change my mind. I don’t know what it was, except that maybe he was the cat we were waiting for.

he can haz feathers.

We made plans to go meet him and see if he clicked with us, but before I even did that I bought kitten food and litter and toys. Oh. And a litter genie. Which was, like, the best purchase EVER in the history of all cats.


And when I finally told Margie we could bring him home, she was so happy she had an emotional break down right on Aisha’s couch. She had this manic laugh/cry thing going on, and she was shaking. It was not only super sweet and adorable, but made me feel like a jerk mom for having deprived her of pets all these years.


Aisha had named him Beetlejuice for the couple of days he lived with her. We loved the name, but changed it for a few reasons. I think largely it was because it felt important to us to name him as we welcomed him into our home. We tried out a few names for him, my personal favorite being Captain Cat Harkness. (We also considered Ford Purrfect.) But the name that we felt fit him the best was Frodo. Frodo Beetlejuice Baggins.

he's good with kids

Interestingly, and despite having missed having a cat friend for these last 11 years, it took some serious adjustment for me. It brought up some of the control issues I have regarding the house, as a child of a hoarder. The idea that my couches might get scratched up, or that he might pee outside of the litter box (so far hasn’t happened – KNOCK WOOD), really stressed me out. I had a lot of anxieties spring up those first few days, but less and less as he becomes part of our lives.

that awkward moment when the cat notices the camera clicking and the camera becomes the toy

He’s a super sweet cat. He allows the kids to pick him up, he doesn’t get angry (although he gets clawy and bitey when he’s playful), he purrs like crazy when you pick him up, and he walked into the house without any real need to adjust to a new place; he was just home.

green eyes

So, welcome, Mr. Frodo. We already love you and are so glad you chose us. We hope you are very happy here with us.

what? i can like cat noses, too.




4 responses

1 08 2012

Frodo B. Baggins is a gorgeous little cat.

1 08 2012

FRODO! I love it. Him.

1 08 2012

Purrrrrfect fit!

9 09 2012
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