7 Days: Day 6 (Breaking Out the Stars and Stripes)

28 06 2012

7 Days: Day 6 (Breaking Out the Stars and Stripes)

I make a point to count my blessings often. And I realize that being born a US citizen is one of those blessings in many, many ways. But sometimes my country and many of its citizens frustrate me. Beyond.belief. So I rarely wear these Converse I bought the summer I was 18 (What can I say? Bill Pullman was a really great president in Independence Day). But today, because of the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold Obama’s historic health care act, I figured I’d admit – in public – to knowing my country. Call me crazy, but I love the idea of health being a human right.

So me and my shoes went to the park today to celebrate. I tried taking pictures of my shoes swinging (while they were on my feet which were attached to me), but it just looked like a lot of pictures of my feet in the sky. Weird. So I found a patch of not-brown grass and took the photo there. Like it’s damn Kentucky or something. With. You know. Rain enough to sustain green surroundings.

Happy Obamacare Day!


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