7 Days: Day 5 (Hawaii: I Haz a Jelus)

27 06 2012

7 Days: Day 5 (Hawaii: I Haz a Jelus)

This photo accomplishes several things.

1. It allows me to partake in the Hawaii-ing going on this round. For FREE.
2. It allows me to partake in the reminiscing over old photos. (Only I wish Summer had been there, too.)
3. It allows me to partake in today’s theme while simultaneously complaining (and I LOVE complaining) about how portrait-oriented photos don’t fit in this uncreative photo album. At least not in a way that doesn’t make me twitchy. THE PICTURES HAS TO MATCH, PEOPLE. THEY HAS TO MATCH.
4. It allows me to share an underwater photo this run, without having to actually be underwater. Granted, I’m not using the new orange camera, but I’M STILL MEETING A GOAL.
5. Apparently it allows me GRATUITOUS USE OF CAPS.

I used to go on vacation with my grandparents a lot when I was a kid. Actually, they usually forgot I was their granddaughter and instead considered me a fourth daughter. In early 2000, they told me they were going to Hawaii (they’d lived there in the 50’s with the Navy) and I was all, “Dudes. I’m going with you.” And instead of being all, “Wow, man, you’re cramping our style.” There was much jumping for joy.

So we went. And I went snorkeling in Hanauma Bay. And I saw a moray eel. Which was less scary than it probably should have been. Someone offered to take my picture with the underwater disposable camera I brought and they got two pictures of me. One landscape, one portrait. I like the portrait one much better – it’s one of my favorite shots of me – but it doesn’t fit properly in this album. Which is totally uncool, photo album makers. Totally uncool. One thing to be said for those crappy old magnetic photo albums – portrait, landscape, square format – it all fit. Luckily now Flickr is my photo album and they all fit here, too.

The photos in the background are all landscape (both in subject and in format) shots of Hanauma Bay from the cliffs above. Maybe someday, once I’m finally done blogging Europe (haha!) I’ll blog Hawaii. Look for it in 2015!




One response

27 06 2012

What a great underwater photo. I like the backdrop of other photos too, the beaches look almost like sunsets. Hawaii is clearly a terrible place to visit.

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