7 Days: Day 3 (Take the kids bowling. Take them bowling.)

25 06 2012

7 Days: Day 3 (Take the kids bowling. Take them bowling.)

*sigh* I wrote this really long and incredibly lame and/or hilarious post about today and then Flickr was all, “Yeah, sure, you uploaded those photos. We just hid them Or lied about it. Whichever.” So let me sum up.

Went bowling.
Pulled something in my left ass.
This is why you should never exercise.
This bowling alley was (I think?) in an episode of Veronica Mars so it was basically like I was hanging out with with Kristen Bell all day.
I’m an awesome bowler so long as the bumpers stay up.

I think that’s pretty much it. I used a lot more words the first time, though. Who knew I could be so concise?

BTW, you guys, I am TOTALLY channeling my inner honey badger in getting all these shots this run. I’m taking multiple self-portraits BLATANTLY and IN FRONT OF STRANGERS. So. Win.

elliott bowling with a helper thingie



7 Days: Day 2 (At the Drive-In)

25 06 2012

7 Days: Day 2 (At the Drive-In)

I hope this is good enough for “landscape” today. We also spent some time at a birthday party in a park, but that was also less landscapey and more parky. And also I was too busy working on a fantastic sunburn (including an impression of my necklace on my chest – sexy) and catching up with old friends to take any self-portraits.

Naturally, after a long day of bouncy houses and sack races, I decided it would be brilliant to take the kids to the drive in and stay out until nearly 1am. Because I am RESPONSIBLE. Or the awesomest mom ever. Your pick. We went for Brave, but it turned out they were showing the Avengers right after and like I’d say no to that. The kids had been wanting to see it, anyway, and while I think a loud movie theatre would have been too intense for Elliott, this seemed like a good compromise. And it was. He LOVED it. And Brave made me cry. More than once. (OK, so did the Avengers maybe possibly.)

And now it’s 1:09 am and that totally counts as Sunday still, right? Right. Goodnight!