Orangey The Orange Camera

2 06 2012

Sometime after last year’s trip to Los Angeles (possibly on the trip) we lost the camera battery charger for the old point and shoot our family owned. Since the camera was more than seven years old, I wasn’t really interested in investing in a new camera battery charger and decided to start looking at new cameras instead. I needed something small to take along when the DSLR is too big and something hardy that the kids can use. And I wanted something waterproof. Because underwater pictures are fun.

So I decided on the Nikon AW100 because it had good reviews, the features I wanted (i.e. a rechargable battery, and an SD card), and also it came in orange. So, the next time I went to Costco, the Universe was all, “Hey, heard you. Here, have it for a nice low price. Plus a free memory card.”

So I picked it up and have been testing it out since. I took it to Balboa Park, to Disneyland, and today, to the beach. I’ve tested it on the macro setting, I’ve made videos, and now I’ve tested it under the waves, too. So far? I think we’ll keep it.



riding dumbo for the first time

under the waves

So what do you think? And does Orangey need a better name? It occurs to me that, um, it hadn’t occurred to me before. Can’t wait for a summer of swimming and camping and kayaking and taking more pictures on land, too, I guess.




5 responses

2 06 2012
bethany actually

Crush? I find I am jealous of your orange waterproof camera. I gave my old pink point-and-shoot to Annalie last Christmas and I need a new one to carry around in my purse. So if I end up getting a twin of your camera don’t be surprised.

2 06 2012

Twinsies! That would be awesome.

2 06 2012

Also I *think* that Costco rebate price is good until the end of June. FYI.

27 06 2012
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