So far? We like ten.

26 05 2012

i <3 her

During the winter Margie was going through a really difficult time. The kind where you wonder why you wanted to be a parent again and how long until you’re done? And with Margie, because she is such an extremely passionate and emotional being, it was a pretty dark period for me as a mother. We’ve been visiting Disneyland a lot lately, often with Claire’s family. The first two times we went with them were difficult. Actually the second time made me pretty much swear off Disneyland with Margie ever again. It was awful.


But that night, on the way home, she and I had a really amazing talk. She was able to name the things that had led her to have a bad day, she was able to communicate those with me, and she was able to come up with some ideas of how we can handle it in the future. Furthermore, she’s put those ideas into effect since that day and has been working her ass off to handle her emotions in an acceptable way. On numerous occasions I’ve seen her heading down the dark path only to stop and turn around and handle whatever it was in a way that is not only better, but also better than many adults I’ve known.

i found this

I’ve noticed that she has certain ages that are harder than others. And then ages that reflect her growth into an awesome person. At six she gained a new level of ability to reason which was pretty awesome. She was able to understand consequences better than before. But seven was tough. Eight was pretty awesome. She was into reading and making friendship bracelets and working out issues with us. Nine was even tougher than seven. So far? We like ten.


It’s one of those times that makes me know why I wanted to be a mom and marvel at how lucky I am to be working with these amazing little people and helping them find the path to adulthood. A few months ago, I was too weary to go on, now I’m so excited to see what’s around the corner.





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26 05 2012

Amazing child. Amazing mother.

26 05 2012

True. Dat.

27 05 2012
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28 05 2012
Sara W

It’s really hard mothering a girl sometimes. We are emotional creatures, they are too. This age, as they start transitioning every so slowing into mature ladies, can be really tough to navigate. We have had some difficult times, very difficult, but it always passes. I really do try to keep in mind that her hormones and emotions are going way crazy and as hard as it is for me handle, it’s way harder for her. I’ve had 20 years to get used to it and STILL lose my composure at times (*cough* maybe more than I’d like to admit), so I can’t expect her to not go through those same times. Relating, talking and having compassion for each other is sometimes all we have.

28 05 2012

Oh and I do all that. But Margie has also been known to have a violent streak and some other habits that don’t go along well with the hormonal swings. I have no idea what you’ve been through so I’m not comparing our stuff to yours, or anyone’s really, but I try EVERYTHING and then some to help her through these rough times and sometimes it just doesn’t work. Luckily that recent breakthrough has really helped. Now I *am* able to help her through the bad times. It’s awesome.

28 05 2012
Sara W

That’s great and I hope things continue to go well for you guys. ❤

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