The Day the Scientits Told a Big Fat Lie

21 05 2012

I can’t bring myself to fix that typo. It’s the BEST.TYPO.EVER.

If I do say so myself.

So anyway, there was this thing yesterday about a solar eclipse. I’d heard about it weeks ago, but the Scientists were all, “Northern California, stupid. Not San Diego.” So I, like, didn’t plan my weekend around it.

Looking back what I assume they meant was, “Don’t worry, San Diego, the sky won’t turn scarily black signaling the end of the world, but you can still totally see the eclipse from where you’re at. Only DON’T LOOK AT IT or you’ll go all blind n shit.”

Because after an intense 4-hour Doctor Who Marathon, I opened up Facebook and saw all the San Diegans posting about the solar eclipse. So I grabbed the camera and ran outside and snapped this, magically without blinding myself.

solar eclipse

Just to be clear – the camera makes it look far more end-of-the-worldy than it actually was. The light outside was slightly strange, maybe a tint of orange, but not so different that you’d huddle indoors taking notes on that John Cusack documentary with the arks and the 2012 and all.

The moral of the story is that Facebook is always more reliable than Scientits.

UPDATE: I’m not drinking, but I feel like this was written by a drunk person.




10 responses

21 05 2012

The eclipse made me feel drunk. And I did not plan around it either–I heard on Twitter that it was happening, kinda ignored it, and then the light WENT AWAY so I grabbed Sam and ran downstairs to look. And I have to tell you, I didn’t look RIGHT at it but that shit strained my eyes anyway.

21 05 2012

Really, Annika? The sky got dark there? AWESOME/SCARY.

21 05 2012

Scien-tits, hee-hee! I like that. You could also call them Scien-twits for not properly informing you about the eclipse! Tiago would like your typo, too, since everything in his world revolves around boobies.

21 05 2012

Boobies are, in fact, awesome.

21 05 2012

that is just pure awesomeness, Bonnie.

21 05 2012

This story is no less awesome for having been there with you. Even after the five tissue Dr. Who episode.

22 05 2012

The story feels like it was written not by someone who’s drunk, rather by someone who survived the apocalypse and who took an excellent photo during it.

23 05 2012

I totally missed the eclipse.

26 05 2012
Summer Hellewell

At Disneyland, I’m pretty sure the eclipse didn’t happen. Not that this surprises anyone. Climate control is their last big challenge.

30 05 2012

Favorite eclipse picture.

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