Slumber Party

30 04 2012

I’ve put this off for too long. The sleepovers. Most of my favorite memories of my childhood and teenage years revolve around sleeping over at friends’ houses. And I look forward to that for my kids, too. But for a long time my kids weren’t ready to sleep away from their parents (Elliott still isn’t) and then there were other issues at play relating to my doorbell dread and to my being married to a hoarder. And then last year was just too hard. But then my girl turned 10 and it seemed like the perfect way to make her 10th birthday really special while also welcoming in the brighter future.


So we planned a slumber party. Inspired by Brenda’s parties, and also by Pinterest, I decided to go all out for it with a theme and everything. Margie chose Rainbows (which made it all the more exciting to me) and we scoured Etsy for rainbow decorations, grabbed as many rainbow favors as we could find at Party City, and even bought rainbow-colored sprinkly things to go on ice cream sundaes.


As a surprise, I decorated the house early, for her actual birthday, so she’d come home in the morning (she’d been at Dad’s that night) to a rainbowed house. She loved it. The birthday banner, twinkle lights, and dots stayed up all week, making it feel as festive as Christmastime.

and then the dollar spot told me these headbands were totally cooler than party hats and i needed to buy them

Oddly, during the week leading up to the party, I had absolutely zero anxieties about it. No doorbell dread, no overthinking. Not sure how I pulled that one off, but it worked out quite well, living anxiety-free. Who knew?


We’d come up with a list of activities for the party in case the kids got bored, but it wasn’t necessary and after awhile they didn’t follow it at all. They turned on the TV at one point, but got distracted and, like, used their actual imaginations or something. They drew fake mustaches (and monocles!) on their faces, they blew up balloons and let them fly, they drew fake mustaches (and monocles!) on the balloons*, made bracelets, decorated their DSi’s, watched YouTube, and, most importantly, prank called people. I was worried about how that would be accomplished in this day and age of stupid Big Brother telling everyone your damn phone number. But kids are smarter than Big Brother. And, since they all have cell phones, they just used each other’s phones to remain somewhat mysterious.

taco bar

At one point they all huddled into the bathroom and closed the door and got very quiet. And then, strangely, my phone started to ring. So I answered it in a very silly high-pitched voice, and both the other end of the line and the little voices in the bathroom erupted in giggles. And then they asks how I knew it was them. I has smrts. That’s how.

sundae makings

So it was a good time and we all had fun. I spent most of the evening holed up in my bedroom catching up on TV and my sky scarf; it was like having a bunch of baby sitters around. Baby sitters who are very loud and leave a really big mess behind.


In the morning, though, my girly was overtired. And for those who know her overtired = making the rest of us miserable. Luckily part of what she’s working on in her personal growth is to be open to allowing me to help her switch out of Evil Mode and she was able to recover and enjoy the day fairly well, anyway. I love watching that kid grow. She’s amazing.


So, bring on the sleepovers! But don’t expect me to decorate a party like this for her until she’s at least 18. I suppose I owe Elliott one when he turns ten, but that still gives me three years to recover. And I will need it. And coffee.

*just kidding, they drew other stuff on the balloons.