The Shiny

18 04 2012

I have a lot of sewing machines. I don’t (yet) sew. I’m not hoarding these machines, though, I’m getting rid of them. Well, most of them. Well, half of them. Just a regular sewing machine and the serger because I’m told I need it. But, sadly, I’m getting rid of this pretty shiny one. I would have kept it, but it only does a straight stitch and I’m told I need more than that. Instead Yara (who may or may not be hoarding sewing machines) is going to keep it. To help me deal with this loss of Shiny, I’ve taken pictures. To help me look like I’m blogging more than I actually am, I’m posting them here.








One response

23 04 2012

I don’t think I’m hoarding sewing machines… and I absolutely love this one.

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