I had this conversation with my kids today.

27 03 2012

Me: Hey, Margie! Elliott! Guess who I love!
Kids: Us!
Me: Oh. Well. Um. Yes! Of course. But I was going to say the Doctor.*
Margie: Mo-om.
Me: But you know I’d probably choose you over him.
Margie: Oh, mom! I love you!**
Me: Hey. I just said probably. Don’t get too excited yet.
Margie: “Probably” is pretty much “yes.”

*What? I’m a loving mom in all other scenarios.
**See? She understands what a complement that was.


7 Days: Day 4 (Through the Viewfinder)

27 03 2012

7 Days: Day 4 (Through the Viewfinder)

On Tuesdays the kids have Junior Theatre classes in Balboa Park and while they are learning to sing and dance, I sit with the other parents and drink coffee and sometimes knit or take pictures. Last week I took the Harry Potter camera and got some great shots so I thought I’d bring it this week, too. But it is, like, crazy hard to take self-portraits TTV and there weren’t a lot of (clean, shiny) reflective surfaces around. I considered heading over to the Lily Pond for a shot, but glanced down and saw this and loved the idea of TTV a slightly different way.

Remember how yesterday I was wearing my rain boots? Naturally today would be flip-flop weather.