7 Days: Day 3 (Romana Bubbles)

26 03 2012

7 Days: Day 3 (Romana Bubbles)

In which I show off my shiny new car.

My poor old minivan (Natalie Bubbles) was old. And poor. So early this year (the earliest – January 1st) I brought home a new baby we’ve named Romana Bubbles (because, apparently, they are related). Romana is a Prius V and we lurve her very much. Here’s a picture of her whole self.

One of the ways in which I love her? A fancy backup camera so I’ll never have to run over the kids who play in the parking lot. Also I thought this would make a really awesome picture idea – posing behind the car and taking a picture of the picture – but I was foiled again! We did come up with this one which is kind of ominous (who is that scary gang standing behind my car and where did I put my mace?) and this one which gives me the giggles but is not a picture of me.

So while getting gas I decided to just snap some pictures in the various reflections while I waited for the (small! fuel efficient!) tank to fill. This picture was the result. I love all the various funky reflections.

I’d end this more gracefully, but the season finale of Alcatraz just started and I cannot multitask. So excuse me while i go nerd out.




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