7 Days: Day 2 (Light)

25 03 2012

7 Days: Day 2 (Light)

Earlier today I decided I’d try painting with light for today’s theme. I don’t have any flashlights that turn on and off with a button (they all twist, which is kind of awkward when you want to turn it off smoothly and quickly) so I started thinking about other options. My iPhone has a flashlight app with a few different light options including one that changes colors, one fading into the next. So I figured I’d go into the bathroom, turn off the lights and try to paint a heart or a spiral.

And then I saw Bethany’s photo.

I wasn’t surprised that she’d had the same idea I did. We do that. We do that a lot, actually. Now we tend to just shout “BRAIN THING!” at each other and we know what it means.

She said I should try my idea anyway, so I did. But it turned out really stupidly difficult. For one thing, I couldn’t figure out how to make the colors change, producing the rainbow effect I’d imagined. I did, however, accidentally stumble upon a way to make it look like an actual rainbow, all the colors there at once. And a rainbow shape would be even easier than a spiral!


After about 30 tries, I came up with one that was only OK. And this happy accident I’m using as my official photo for today. I accidentally took a photo of the phone’s LED light while I was trying to set up a shot, but it came out beautifully, I think. Clearly The Universe had this one planned. Clearly The Universe is planning another free ride on Star Tours or something else awesome.




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