I Need a New Meme

29 02 2012


He seems so nice, Ryan Gosling Meme. He’s always supportive and kind, no matter what. And it’s obvious he’s sincere. He honestly loves the mason jar lamp. And then he and I started to get to know each other a little better. And he started to offer to do things for me. Things like hand massages.

And I started to get a little attached, maybe. Like, I may not be pregnant at the moment, but with a guy as supportive and on the same page as I am, I could be.

So I realized that I needed to marry him. Honestly, I didn’t think it was asking too much to marry the nicest internet Meme ever.

Turns out, it totally was.

The light in my hallway went out. The one above my pantry. So I had to try to find food in the dark. It was horrible. And it stayed that way for DAYS. Ryan Gosling Meme never bothered to fix it. I tweeted my frustrations and Jen, being the wonderful friend and graphic designer that she is, sent me this message. And it was the best thing ever. And, I admit, it totally won me back. (What can I say? I’m slutty for the Doctor.)

But you know what? He didn’t change it after I went to bed. And he didn’t change it the next day either.


And I got really kind of mad at him. No, really. You think I’m just writing this line in character with this blog post, but I so totally am not. I was pissed. At an internet meme. For not changing my lightbulb. Thank god I’m cute.

Luckily, just about then, Nathan Fillion Meme came along to sweep me off my feet.


Only, then I got a little annoyed with actual Nathan Fillion. I mean. If Wil Wheaton can send The Bloggess a picture of himself collating paper AND holding twine, and then every other celebrity on the planet can send her a picture of themselves holding random objects without her even asking them, why can’t Nathan Fillion? And I realize I’m supposed to follow the request by not harassing him anymore, so to be clear: I’m definitely not. This entry is totally about me and how I’m crazy, not about how he’s too good for twine. (Oh, god, what if he’s allergic, but too embarrassed to say so? This changes everything.)

Anyway. Point being that I decided I needed a new Meme to marry. So I started shopping around. First I tried John Cusack.

And he has a point. And I’m definitely intrigued. But there are two things wrong with this. First, he’s making promises again. He’s setting me up to get my heart broken again. Second, it turns out Ewan McGregor makes a way better pensive face.

And he’s realistic about his promises.

And he quotes John Denver songs!

And he’s so suave he can take the blame for something without even promising to fix it.

And he totally wants to French kiss me.


Oh, Ewan McGregor Meme, yes Yes you can!




8 responses

29 02 2012

I am bookmarking this post and reading it every day for the rest of my life. And when I am not doing that, I think I will be making a Bonnie Meme.

29 02 2012
bethany actually

I’m sorry, but I can’t be mad at Nathan Fillion. He’s Mal Reynolds. Do you have any idea how many people probably pester him for things like photos of himself holding twine EVERY DAY OF HIS LIFE? I can totally understand his policy of not giving anyone he doesn’t know personally photos of himself holding twine. Not to mention that crippling twine allergy. Also, he co-founded Kids Need to Read.

Also—and this might make you reconsider our friendship, especially in conjunction with my inexplicable indifference to Lost—I don’t read the Bloggess. She’s just not my cup of tea.

I do love Ewan McGregor Meme’s honesty about his limitations, though. ♥

1 03 2012

I was mostly confused as to why he just ignored her. I could understand a, “No thanks, too busy”. But seeing as he’s such a good sport for so much, and seeing as how so many other geeky-famous people were happy to do it, I didn’t understand. That’s all. Besides, in light of discovering the twine allergy/trauma, I’m totally over it. And kind of sad it didn’t work out between us. Just a terrible lack of communication, you know. If you’re going to be a meme partner with someone, you should really confide those sorts of things in them. *sigh*

1 03 2012

Twine-allergy… I may have snorted. (You know my tendencies, so you know I did.)
Just this: I ❤ you. You, girl, ARE hilarious.

Also, I think Annika's idea for the Bonnie meme is brilliant. Someone needs to get on that.

1 03 2012

I would like pictures of you looking unexpectedly tall next to stuff, John Cusack to list the ten ways, Ewan McGregor to come and stand like that in the corner of my office and someone to go back in time and tell Simon Pegg that maybe there’s a nicer word to use than “fascistic”.

1 03 2012

Ewan McGregor is a dream come true!

But, I kind of agree with Bethany. I don’t hold Nathan Fillion’s lack of twine pictures to be a fault of his. Maybe he had a horrible twine accident as a child. Do you know what you’re asking of him?

Maybe he should start a Kids Need To Stay Away From Twine charity.

1 03 2012

Yes, I’ve totally forgiven him now because I understand that I was wrong to expect him to have to deal with his twine PTSD/allergy. Lord knows we can’t have him going into anaphylactic shock. I also understand I was wrong to be annoyed that he wouldn’t explain WHY he refused to pose with twine because, honestly, it’s none of my business. It’s between Nater Tater and his doctors and therapists.

27 03 2012
Kristy Lynn

awesome i love it

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