Photos and Friends

18 02 2012

I’m at a loss for words lately. I think it’s because my camera’s sensor needs to be cleaned and I therefore feel frustrated with it. (Because pictures = inspiration, see?) But it could be simply a lack of inspiration. And time. Definitely time. We have gotten very busy this semester with the kids having appointments, classes, or park days four out of five weekdays. Not to mention all the personal stuff that’s happened like selling my mom’s house. I don’t take as many pictures as I did a few years ago because, frankly, there’s only so many pictures I can take of my kids doing school work, or of the food I eat before it gets dull. ANd when I don’t take as many pictures I have a hard time finding the beauty in life. But short of doing something amazing every day, I don’t know really how to get out of this rut. And sometimes I wonder if I should get out from behind the camera and just enjoy life and I can tell you now that, no, not really. I enjoy life much more when I can photograph it. It’s magic to make the colors pop and save them forever and ever. Sometimes the sky seems bluer when I take a picture of it, than it does when I see it with my own eyes.

But that’s not what this entry is about.

This entry is about Sonja and Noah coming to visit us this week.

We had a beautiful time with them. We hiked, we visited with Elaine, we ate, we stayed up too late snorting over Pinterest and Twitter (well, the grownups did), we had coffee and pancakes and bacon, we ran around in circles screaming like crazed animals (well, the kids did), and we cried when we had to say goodbye (well, Elliott did). Here is some photographic evidence of some of the above.


boys on a cliff


rocky beach

sonja and her belly <3


cooperative seagull

While we were hanging around with Elaine (after the hike with three kids, mind you) I was too tired to photograph much, but luckily Elaine and Anya put on a show right next to me with the sun positioned perfectly behind them so I didn’t even have to get off my arse to make art. I just fired off the camera and I was pretty sure none of them would come out since I put exactly zero effort into them. And then I got home and saw these:

And my heart was full. Friends, art, bacon. It was a good time. Thank you, friends.




7 responses

18 02 2012

No, no. Thank you. For your art and your awesomeness and your bed and your bacon. ❤

18 02 2012

Oh, and for your whipped pudding. I just ordered my own. Yum. (Though it totally has not arrived yet, which I disapprove of. Can’t they do a “natural cosmetics download” thing? The future should get on that, like, NOW.)

18 02 2012

Put that on their Yelp review.

18 02 2012
bethany actually

Sigh. I miss you all. And YES to the enjoying life more when you take pictures. Sometimes I think the same thing, i.e., “I should just live life instead of being so worried about taking pictures of it,” but then I realize I always enjoy it more when I capture it with my camera and can go back and look at the pictures later and remember the fun. It seems less vivid when I don’t take pictures.

18 02 2012

So glad my love for my girl gave you photographic inspiration. But more, I’m glad I got to see you all!

19 02 2012

Bacon! Yum. What lovely pictures. I get shivers when I think of any of my sensors needing cleaning. They sell kits where you can do it yourself and there are tutorials online how to do it, but I don’t trust myself that I would do it correctly even though I probably could. I feel like it’s akin to trusting myself to perform a surgery correctly or something. Ha.

19 02 2012

that one of Elliott. stealing him.

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