Epic Catch-Up Post! With Exclamation points!

15 02 2012

Look! My kids got bunk beds! It is cute! (I am jealous!)

reading in bed

bunk beds

We made pumpkin pasties! (Pass-tee, not paste-y. It makes a difference.)

pumpkin pasties

Elliott ate pumpkin! It is a miracle!


And then Summer and Brandon came over to watch Fire Walk With Me (we recently finished watching Twin Peaks) and we, naturally, decorated logs. Not that the log in Twin peaks had a face, but it definitely had a personality and when you inherit a cordless hot glue gun you tend to glue googly eyes on things.

brandon's turned out to be laura palmer

"the owls are not what they SEEM???"

posing with our logs

I thought I was using so many exclamation points because of the sugar high, but clearly I’m not the only one excited today!

target is very excited about clean toilets.

And that’s what happened recently! And also that’s what you call lazy blogging!




2 responses

16 02 2012

I don’t want to tell you what to do with your hot glue gun, but I think Bowl Brush! needs some googly eyes.

16 02 2012

Wait, the booby things are pronounced paste-y? No-one told me this. Though to be fair, it’s never actually come up in conversation.

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