Money is fake and the stock market is a damn lie.

8 02 2012

I feel like I already made that a title for an entry. Am I about to re-rant on you?

After a quick search, it looks like this is a totally new rant. Of course search engines hate me, so who knows, really?

Point being that money is fake and the stock market is a damn lie.

I am SO not a financial-minded person. I think ideally I’d live in the middle of nowhere totally off the grid and grow my own organic internet connection in my own personal composted garden. But since internet connections don’t grow in gardens, and even if they did, I’d kill them all the way I kill all my house plants, I’ll have to settle for living in the city. Also, I’m afraid of the country. It’s so quiet. And there’s no one to save you if you get attacked by the Proctor Valley Monster or a Zoobie.

What was I saying? Oh, right. Money.

So people tell me things like, “But if you buy a new car you’ll lose thousands of dollars just by driving it off the lot,” and I think things like, “But…. But… I’ll have a car that will be reliable for longer and I’ll know its history.” And people say things like, “Oh you definitely want to borrow more now because interest rates on mortgages are so low,” and I just think things like, “But… But… I don’t really want to owe ANY money, actually. Owing money makes me stressed out. And when I’m stressed out, various of my body parts go numb.” And people say things like, “Oh the stock market is doing so badly because everyone is selling right now,” and I just think things like, “But… But… Just create a Facebook page (organically grown, of course) where everyone gets together and decides to BUY BUY BUY and then the stock market will be good again.” And then economists look at me like I am SO STUPID, but really we know the truth. (Truth being that the Proctor Valley Monster is waiting under their bed tonight.)

I keep trying to end this relatively sanely, but my rant is just sending me back to the mountains with a golden fence that makes its own organic internet connection while keeping out the zoobies and pumas and that doesn’t even make sense to me. I blame the free coffee I got tonight at the Toyota dealership after an overly emotional and exhausting week. I’m going to go knit and watch some Downton Abbey to try to recover. I’m so sorry about this post. But not sorry enough to not post it. Because lord knows I should blog SOMETHING.





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9 02 2012
bethany actually

“grow my own organic internet connection in my own personal composted garden” <– made me LOL. I know how you feel, all that "money" and "economics" stuff makes me throw up my hands in frustration, too. We are very blessed that we're at a place in our lives when we don't have to worry as much about it anymore, but I hate watching people I love struggling with not having enough of it, or making bad decisions about how to spend it. We should just be like Star Trek and not have money anymore, I think.

9 02 2012

I did not know that about Star Trek. What do they do instead?

10 02 2012
bethany actually

I’m not sure. I just know in one of the movies (Star Trek 4) when they travel back in time to 1980s San Francisco, Kirk and Spock get on a bus and are surprised that we’re still using money. I assume that Earth in the 24th century either uses credits, or in the Roddenberry vision is a truly egalitarian, communist society. (It’s not true of all Star Trek cultures, clearly; the Ferengi are all about money.)

9 02 2012

And this was less a post of frustration about not having money (this time, heh) than it was about money being just… stupid. Like the concept of it. At least the way we do it, with no gold standard anymore, is stupid. If I had a million dollars I believe I’d feel the same way. Also. I’d be rich.

10 02 2012

I know the answer to the Star Trek no money thing, but I forgot. I’ll get back to you after I ask my husband cause I know he knows… hold on

But what I do know is they have credits(or something) for the replicator machines. The replicators make everything they need from computer parts to food to clothing to drinks, etc.

10 02 2012

Okay, I was wrong. There aren’t credits or earned amounts. It’s all free. Everyone works to the betterment of all.

(The Holodek is not the only reason I want Star Trek to be real now.)

10 02 2012

The other reason are for the skants, right? I totally want men in short skirts.

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