Tweets from January

4 02 2012

Today I learned that ants can swim.
Jan 3

Margie is trying to make me bet against myself in a battle of laundry. Also she says this tweet isn’t funny.
Jan 4

Today I am grateful for autocorrect on my computer so I don’t have to bother actually learning to spell words like “euphemism.”
Jan 10

Me and Liz Lemon are gonna hang out and eat a mug cake and then watch Secret Diary of a Call Girl. I am prepared to feel scandalized.
Jan 13

My first trip to Fresh and Easy with the Prius and all the hybrid spots are taken by non-hybrids. I wanna rumble.
Jan 16

Ok. I know this is a little belated, but: HORACE GOODSPEED IN LOST WAS THAT ASSHOLE IN THE GREEN MILE? #ThingsTheXFilesTaughtMe
Jan 18

I told Margie to read Island of the Blue Dolphins today. So she did. All of it.
Jan 25

Gordon Gano, I will ALWAYS go to the prom with you.
Jan 28

Another connection that watching the X Files brought me to: the sheriff in True Blood is Larry (as in Darry & Darryl). That was unexpected.
Jan 28

Mulder just said, “Pardon my rubber.” I just wanted to share that with you.
Jan 28

Every time I attempt cow-free mac & cheese it winds up looking like something Lane Meyer’s mom might make.
Jan 30




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