3 02 2012


birthday mad tea party

On the morning of my birthday the kids and I woke up, got dressed, and went out for breakfast. Hit Starbucks (where they wrote me a little note on my lid), and then hopped onto the freeway and headed up to the Happiest Place on Earth. Birthdays are awesome. Disneyland is awesome. Birthdays at Disneyland are exactly what you’d expect: awesomer than I can describe.

I was prepared for the kids to be, well, kids. Tired and overexcited kids tend sometimes to be grumpy and cry-y kids. But the day went relatively smoothly with everyone in mostly good spirits.

pontoon bridge

The day was also full of firsts for both kids: first time on Pirates (Elliott), first successful time on Pirates (Margie), first time on Star Tours (Elliott), first successful time on Star Tours (Margie). We also got to check out Tom Sawyer’s Island (now inhabited by pirates) for the first time since the remodel. We were all new to Turtle Talk with Crush which I’d heard good things about and I was looking forward to and which totally lived up to the hype. The first person Crush wanted to talk with was Elliott and then he asked to talk to me. Margie didn’t seem to feel left out, but that’s probably because she got to battle Darth Vader earlier in the day (so did Elliott).

mark twain

The highlight of my day (aside from conversing with a cartoon, of course) happened as we were disembarking from Star Tours and starting our walk down the hallway to where we dispose of the glasses. The kids wanted to go again (and again and again) so I thought we’d swing around and grab another FastPass, but one of the Star Tours castmembers stopped us saying, “I reward people for wearing Doctor Who shirts. Wait here, we’ll get you on the next ride. Allons-y!” To which Elliott replied, “CYBERMAN! CYBERMAN!” (Which may also be French, what do I know?) The moral of the story is Always Wear a Doctor Who Shirt to Disneyland. Actually, I think that’s the moral to most stories.

better than cake: dole whip float

Originally I’d planned to bring our lunch with us to save some money, but then the eggs were being assholes in the morning and not peeling properly, and the dishwasher was all, “What? You WANT to do dishes on your birthday?” So I was like, “You know what, Dishwasher? You speak with wisdom beyond your years.” So the kids and I wandered into the new bakery at the end of Main Street and – surprise! – they had gluten free bread for their deli sandwiches! And for dinner we found a place in California Adventure that did gluten-free buns for hamburgers. And it was all delicious – even the food within Disneyland, which is impressive, since, in my experience, you must pay the big bucks for food that is adequate while within the confines of the original park. I love how Disneyland is so accommodating in regards to food allergies.

gluten free sandwich for lunch

And so, after a long day, we stumbled into our home at almost 10pm and crashed into bed. And it was a good birthday. And you know what? Im going back in two days. With grown-ups.

Thirty-Four is gonna be a good year. (KNOCK WOOD.)



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3 02 2012
bethany actually

Allons-y! I love that you got rewarded for wearing a Doctor Who shirt on your birthday. It’s like a present from the Universe! Or…maybe that person working the Star Tours was a TIME LORD IN DISGUISE.

3 02 2012

Really weird that you put it that way, as it was the shirt you sent me when The Universe decided I needed it. Clearly what The Universe is saying here, is that Doctor Who is extremely important and I should devote more time to it.

3 02 2012

You deserve a good year, my friend. Fo sizzle.

6 02 2012

I don’t really understand what the words “dole whip float” mean strung together, but I think more things should be served with tiny umbrellas like that. May this year be very good to you and filled with Time Lordiness and tiny umbrellas.

6 02 2012

Dole whip is a pineapple soft serve yogurt ice cream sort of thing. The floats are dole whip in pineapple juice. It’s heaven. You need to come to Disneyland and I will buy you one.

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