The Day Began and Ended With Chocolate and Coconut Flour

8 01 2012

cocoa coconut pancakes

On weekend mornings I make pancakes. Or sleep in. Occasionally both, but never at once. I nearly always use this recipe, based in coconut flour. Because it’s delicious, nutritious, and gluten-free-tious. Sometimes I get fancy with it and add something like cocoa powder and cinnamon, or pumpkin pie spice. I have this fantasy of adding Via to it, but my kids are all too young for coffee and stuff. Lame.

Honestly, I find this recipe a little bit unreliable even when I am following the directions exactly (which we all know isn’t often). So I’m not sure if coconut flour is a little moody (it is), or if my eggs are the wrong size, or if the Kitchen Gods just hate me (likely), but it doesn’t really matter because no matter how fluffy they are that particular day, they are always delicious.



I spend a lot of time on Pinterest these days. And it’s changed my life. I make all the cool potatoes now. Last night these peanut butter balls came across the Pinsphere and Bethany and I had a balls-off. Only we didn’t call it that until this moment (but we’re totally calling it that now. Right, Bethany?).

Because gluten-free pretzels cost about $400/bag, I couldn’t bear the thought of using them in this recipe. Also I didn’t have any in the house at the moment. So I mixed up some peanut butter with some coconut flour and added a little raw honey. I didn’t sweeten the chocolate chips because, duh, they’re already sweet. I also didn’t refrigerate the balls before dipping them in chocolate because, duh, I’m lazy. I’ll admit it got a little awkward there, but, me and my balls, we made it through just fine. And they were delicious, my balls.


And that is the story of how my Saturday began and ended with chocolate and coconut flour. It was a good day. Now I shall go have more peanut butter balls.




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8 01 2012


9 01 2012

I guess this needs to go on my Things To Do In America II list – try the pancakes, maple syrup, bacon thing.

9 01 2012
bethany actually

We totally had a balls-off right there on Pinterest, didn’t we? Wow. I’m glad your pretzel-less balls were delicious. My with-pretzels balls were salty and sweet and yummy.

Wow. That sounds like one of the dirtiest things I have ever written.

9 01 2012

you guys are turning me on

9 01 2012
Sara W

Yum on the pancakes, and I want some of your balls. heh. They look really delicious!!

10 01 2012

I bet your balls are delicious.

10 01 2012

My goodness, you are going to get so many ugly google hits off this post it is ridiculous.

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