7 Days: Day 6 (That *is* a Doctor in my pocket, but I’m still happy to see you.)

26 12 2011

7 Days: Day 6 (That *is* a Doctor in my pocket, but I'm still happy to see you.)

So my son got these toys for Christmas yesterday. And I has a jealus. I’ve seen them before, but I had no idea I NEEDED them until now. Back in 97 or so I used to carry a Jeff Goldblum around with me wherever I went. And for awhile I spent time driving with a John Cusack in my car. (He was bored…. CARDboard! Har!) I think I need need a Doctor to keep with me at all times now.


Notice how I shoved Eight back in the back there? I still haven’t forgiven him for that heart attack where I leaned without warning about the 13 lives rule.

the boy who made these photos possible

And since iTunes or the BBC or someone is trying to ruin my life and the Christmas Special isn’t yet available to download (CRY) I shall have to find something ELSE to do tonight. Curse BBC America for not running directly into the TV in my house like all the other channels. *exasperated sigh*



2 responses

26 12 2011

Those BBC people have some nerve.

27 12 2011

Mmm, David Tennant in my pocket.

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