7 Days: Day 5 (Happy Place)

25 12 2011

7 Days: Day 5 (My Happy Place)

Uh. Was I supposed to do vanilla? I don’t think I had any vanilla today. Although we felt my shirt was fairly vanilla-colored.

Anyway, today I went to my happy place (Torrey Pines) with Summer and Claire for a hike and a picnic on the beach. And it was perfect. The sky was clear, the air was warm but not hot, the waves roared. Perfect.

Before we hit this quiet spot, I tried to get a photo of us standing in front of the ocean, but a crowd was forming and was threatening to, like, view scenes in MY photo spot. So my friends saved me a spot. I love those people.

i love these people

I mostly forgot that today was Christmas which was just fine. I had my holiday earlier this week and it was fulfilling and magical and perfect. I felt no loss at not being with my kids today. Although I miss them when they aren’t here, I was glad they got to spend the day with their Daddy.

torrey pine


Since Claire is Jewish and Summer had no Christmas plans until evening we decided to meet for a hike. The last time Summer and I hiked Torrey Pines on a major holiday there was an earthquake. Luckily we avoided that this time. I’m glad. I don’t want to be responsible for earthquakes.

lacy ocean foam


After a fancy picnic on the beach (of soy sauce eggs, dates stuffed with goat cheese, baba ghanoush, sugar plums, tangerines, and coffee) Claire and I went to see Breaking Dawn (Summer wanted no part of that for some probably highly intelligent reason). The movie was slow and honestly boring, but it had its moments. And by “moments” I mean “hilariously terrible moments“. I completely lost control at the styrofoam cup of blood. Styrofoam cup of blood. With a straw. The juxtaposition had me laughing so hard I was surely pissing off all the tweenagers in earshot. It was fabulous.

wind worn rocks

two-headed friend

All in all it was a pretty lovely day. Good friends, Torrey Pines, laughing so hard I nearly peed. Happy.




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26 12 2011

At least you only “nearly” peed.

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