Z is for Spy. I may need some help with my alphabet.

21 12 2011

I’ve known Brenda online for awhile now. And then there was that day when I met her in person for the first time in a public bathroom. What? That’s normal. And we’ve since graduated to outside-of-bathroom social gatherings, too.

Brenda’s an incredible artist and has recently written some children’s books. Secret Agent Josephine’s ABC’s, Numbers and Colors. When she asked me this summer (outside of a bathroom) if I’d like to join her book tour, I jumped at the chance. Her books are, as can be expected, super cute. The colors are crisp and bright on the Nook. The books are full of humor. My kids already know their numbers, letters and colors, but we all (me, too!) enjoyed the books. My personal favorite is Numbers because it is FULL of awesome spy gadgets I need to have. Margie loves Colors, particularly for the page about the polar bear. Elliott just loves ABC books. Seriously, he’s six and a half and he’s known his alphabet since he was 2 and he still checks out ABC books from the library every week.

Since today is the beginning of 7 Days (it starts on a Wednesday this time! My brain is broken) and that coincided with my turn on the book tour, the kids and I decided to dress up as spies. I am considering wearing this mustache everywhere I go today. Guys, I know kung fu.

7 Days: Day 1 (Z is for Spy. I may need some help with my alphabet.)


Here are the links to where you can buy the books on any format (we loved it on the Nook!).
Amazon: Colors, Numbers, ABC’s
iBooks: Colors, Numbers, ABC’s
Barnes and Noble: Colors, Numbers, ABC’s

And guess what? One lucky reader will get to win a print! This print:

Just leave a comment below and I’ll choose a winner a week from today.

UPDATE: Contest is over and the winner is announced here!



16 responses

21 12 2011

The mustache suits you.

21 12 2011

That sounds awesome! My niece would LOVE it!!! đŸ™‚

21 12 2011

These look awesome! Congrats to Brenda đŸ™‚ And to both of you for graduating to IRL out-of-the-bathroom social gatherings!

21 12 2011

I didn’t even recognize any of you.

21 12 2011

who’s blog is this?

21 12 2011

Okay, after seeing all of the prints,this is by far my favorite!!!!!

21 12 2011
bethany actually

Hey, I was there for the historic bathroom meeting! Zounds!

21 12 2011
Janet -in Nebraska

Aw shucks it’s over ~ it was a grand tour SAJ. Can’t wait for your “SAJ in Paris” book ~ Wishes for a very happy Christmas with those you love!

21 12 2011

I was sure Margie was the one who looked more like until now.

21 12 2011

did you wear the mustache out?

21 12 2011

secret agent society

21 12 2011
Sara W

Love the mustaches. Did I spell that right? Anyhow. Or should I say anyway? So yeah, I love the ‘staches and I want that print in a bad way.

22 12 2011

Ugh so sad to see the tour end! It was fun finding new blogs to check out.

22 12 2011
Jenn and Ben

Hooray !

23 12 2011

No clue who you are but I stumbled across this blog through my friend Cory and am anxious to read up. Would love to win this because my daughter, Zoe collects zebras. Her collection is up at our local library as I type!

28 12 2011
And the winner is….! « Z E B R A B E L L Y . C O M

[…] little astonished that I’m remembering to do this in a timely fashion. Go, me! Remember that contest last week? The winner is Becca! She asked me if I wore the mustache out in her comment and you know what? I […]

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