A blurb on selfies. But that’s all I have time for today.

19 12 2011

Self-Portrait: Post a picture of you that you like, write about yourself, post a video – what do you want your self-portrait to say about you?Kristen

Honestly, I have SO MUCH to say on the subject. I am planning to write an entire post about it for TIAW soon, but I won’t get to it this week. I did write a paragraph about it in this post for Own Your Beauty last year, if you’d like a taste of my thoughts on the matter.

I will, however, leave you with my most recent selfie. The kids and I were walking through a department store today and I saw these fancy light-up mirrors, and COULD NOT STOP MYSELF. My kids were all, “Ugh, mom, no.” Like they’re teenagers or something. So I made them make funny faces and at least they participated.

fancy mirrors get my attention every time.

7 Days starts in two days, friends! *squee!*




One response

20 12 2011

thanks for the head’s up about 7 days! I always miss it

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