15 12 2011

Did you taste any new flavors this year? Did you love or hate them or something in between? Will you incorporate these new flavors into your life?Bethany

This year? Hrm. I had my first fish in years, but it wasn’t entirely new. I had my first ever giblet gravy at Thanksgiving this year, although I’ve had both components before. I’ve tried not having coffee. I lasted a whopping 36 hours. And there was the year that I tried chestnuts. Although that was not this year, I am still scarred. Chestnuts are the biggest Christmas lie.

I’ve tried a lot of metaphorical flavors, though. I’d tried being a single mom. I’ve tried being the adult who has to deal with the death in the family. I’ve tried to be willing to fly to New York on a whim (and someone else’s dollar) but plans fell through. I’ve tried a Mac, although, again, not entirely new since we always had Macs when I was growing up.

I’m definitely incorporating the Mac into my life. And maybe I’ll actually fly to New York sometime soon, but I hope to not have to deal with the death of a parent for at least 30 years.

And I’m definitely never trying chestnuts again.




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15 12 2011

I like chestnuts. I don’t love them, but there is a soft spot in my heart (mouth? stomach?) for freshly roasted chestnuts eaten while walking across the freezy Christmas markets in Germany. I guess it’s a thing for us. 🙂

17 12 2011

Yeaaars ago I went shopping with Lauren and her family and was bought some roasted chestnuts. I tried (a bit of) one and then had to work out how to inconspicuously drop the rest of it on the pavement as I walked along. Like The Great Escape, only more festive.

19 12 2011

I’ve never had chestnuts. Why are you scarred from them?

19 12 2011

Primarily because I dig hyperbole. But they were not delicious. They were oddly meaty. And I generally like meat. But not these. And I’m a bit traumatized by the promise heard for MY WHOLE LIFE about how wonderful they were and they were such an old world mystery and then I tried them and discovered they were a big, fat, Christmas lie. I’m a little bitter.

And yet? I kind of want to try them again. Just to make sure.

21 12 2011

Glad my giblet gravy didn’t scar you for life. REALLY glad.

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