Quilty. All the way.

14 12 2011

Name and explain the one guilty pleasure you can’t live without. ie: that cupcake shop you visit weekly, a book you repeatedly read to find solace in, etc). Then explore the idea of how you would feel if you gave that thing up for a year.Neha

I’m behind one or more days. I’m OK with that. This project is becoming somewhat frustrating for me because I feel like my writing is inadequate and I want to do better. So from here on out, I will probably just participate as I can rather than feel pressured to do so each day.

Because inadequate writing makes me feel guilty. And I realize I am taking the phrase “guilty pleasure” too literally, but that’s my brain’s fault. It’s hard for me to come up with guilty pleasures because my guilt is more about when I’m not performing at Life very well and less about Starbucks. It’s very hard to feel guilty when I’ve got a cup full of sugar and caffeine. Which, now that I type it out, makes me wonder if guilt: I’m doin’ it rong. Probably, yes. But when I’m not following a daily routine and being as perfect as I want to be (which, honestly, isn’t all that perfect), then I lie awake at night with anxiety about how much I suck.

So, taking a step out of my brain let’s try to just focus less on the guilt and more on the pleasure part, hrm?

Starbucks: Yes. For the better part of this year I enjoyed this pleasure a little too often. Because it was a hard damn year, and I realize you aren’t supposed to drown your sorrows in sugar but you know what? Fuck that shit. <–Wisdom. Even now, when I promised no froufrou drinks until next 7 Days, I have been having them maybe a couple of times a month and still not so guilty because what I’d hoped to accomplish was remembering that I love coffee even without the sugar, and also iced tea is the bomb. So, clearly, trying to live a year without Starbucks would be devastating if I can’t even handle three months. (First world version of “devastating” of course.)

Doctor Who: Again, not really guilty, although really quite embarrassed (still) of how tweenie I am over this show. Still, when I think of what I can’t live a year without, the Doctor is high on the list. If I’m going to be honest, he might even be above coffee. Wow. Now there’s a question I’ll have to waste way too much time picking apart – coffee or the Doctor?

Zuma Blitz: I’ve been playing PopCap games for like 10 years now and Zuma’s always been a favorite. And here’s the thing: Have you met Idris? She’s my new computer.

Whoa. A picture of me writing this very post. Meta.

She’s so pretty and when I turn her on, she’s just… on. I don’t have to wait ten minutes or 30 for her to wake up (my old computer woke up just about the same way I do). And I don’t know if it’s because she’s a Mac or because she’s new or both, but now I can actually play Zuma Blitz again without it freezing up on me. It’s amazing how easy it is to play a game when the computer works well; I actually get respectable scores now. In fact, now that I think about it, I think I can feel a new guilty pleasure creeping up: That Sims3 game I got for my 32nd birthday that I was never able to use on my old stone age computer. But how do I feel about going a year without Zuma Blitz? Pretty OK, actually. It’s not quite up there with coffee.

You know what I do feel guilty about, though? The fact that I always want to type “quilty” instead of “guilty.” I may be turning 34 in less than two months (not that I counting days or anything. 50 days.) but I still get my g’s and q’s mixed up. Thank god I’m so cute.




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14 12 2011

I love Zuma. That is all.

14 12 2011

Ha. My devices have names, too. My phone is Izzie and my iPad is Ira. My Mac has a Gaelic name, but I am realizing that I forgot what it is!

14 12 2011

I never turn Beatrix off (she’s my Mac laptop). It’s lovely to just open up the screen and *poof* I haz computer. Also, how come I think I’ve never played Zuma Blitz? It’s possible I’m missing out. PS. Starbucks was at the top of my guilty pleasure list as well.

14 12 2011

I love Zuma Blitz, too. Also, The Doctor. 9, 10, and 11 are welcome to stop by any time. And really, life without coffee? Why?

14 12 2011
bethany actually

With you on Sbux and the Doctor and shiny, shiny MacBook Pros. Not so much on games. I’ve never been much of a game player, either literal or metaphorical.

I’ve had Silvie (my Idris) for almost three years now, I think, and she still starts up lickety-split. I think it’s an expensive Apple thing.

14 12 2011

need to talk Mac with you. considering for myself

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