It’s My Pensieve

8 12 2011

Why blog? Why do you or why do you like to blog (recognizing that these are not always the same thing)?Kristen

It’s my pensieve. Which, if you are not a Harry Potter nerd (and WHY not?), is a magical object in which memories can be stored and/or looked at from a new perspective which allows the memory-owner (or others) to see patterns easier.

When I started blogging almost 11 years ago (before it was called blogging), I don’t think I knew what a pensive was yet, and, actually, I’m not sure what my goal was at the time. From the time I was very small my grandma would tell me her memories over and over until I memorized them, and then she’d tell me I better write mine down before I forgot them. But I was terrible with a diary. I never kept up with one. Probably for a lot of reasons, but ultimately the biggest draw to creating an online diary was that other people would comment on it and that kept me going once I’d found Diaryland. Why, yes, I am self-absorbed. It says so right over there. ——->

But things have evolved since then. And now, instead of merely listing what happened each day, I do fill this place with the memories I want to never lose, and I do reflect on them in new ways, and I do philosophize an awful lot based on what I write here. It’s my pensieve.

But I’m still self-absorbed enough to like the comments.




3 responses

8 12 2011
bethany actually

Comment. 😉

8 12 2011

Better comment.

8 12 2011

Empathetic comment.

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