10 Things I’ll Never Do

6 12 2011

Prompt provided by Katrina.

In no particular order:
1. Skydive. No way. I am a Ground Person.
2. Abandon my children. Duh.
3. Eat snails. Or cabeza. Probably.
4. Take the Chunnel (or any other underwater tunnel). At least not without enough Xanax to render me unconscious.
5. Chase tornadoes. Ever.
6. Be an asshole on purpose.
7. Allow myself to treat me badly.
8. Stop being silly.
9. Make out with a great white shark.
10. Perform onstage. Like in front of people. In addition to being a ground person, I think I am also more of a backstage person.

Wow, that was harder than I expected. Turns out there’s a lot I won’t say “never” to. I wanted to say scuba diving, because water is scary, but I might try it in shallow water. Although I prefer the low-tech option of snorkeling and being so close to, you know, air. So finding things I absolutely would never do was much harder than I thought. Which, I guess, makes me adventurous. (HAHAHAHAHA.)