TMBG Again

18 11 2011

A few months ago, my friend Karen sat down next to me and told me, “My husband wants to ask you out on a date. I’ll be there, too, of course. And he says you can’t say no.” Which, honestly, sounds more like a hostage situation to me. But I’m completely comfortable with being a hostage to go see They Might Be Giants. As long as it’s not scary and I don’t get hurt and then my kidnappers let me go home to my bed that night. That’s the kind of hostage situation I love best.

Anyway, as the months went on, it was confirmed that Jonathan Coulton would be opening for them which turned out to be exciting, because, although I didn’t realize it, he’s AWESOME. He writes catchy songs about geeky things or unorthodox love or zombies or sweet, sweet covers of Baby Got Back. As it turns out he wrote the Portal song which my family has been a major fan of for the last couple of years, so I wasn’t entirely unfamiliar with him, after all.

Happy Thing: My Giants ♥

And then, as the week of the show dawned, so did an asshole sore throat. I spent days lying on the couch trying to make the cold go away, but it staked itself out there pretty good. So I bought some DayQuil (actually, store brand). And you know what? DAYQUIL IS TEH AWESOME. Why are the hippies trying to keep it from us??

Early in the evening Karen turned to me and remarked, “I’m standing here at a concert with a beer in my hand and I can’t tell if I feel 19 or like I’ve been married for 14 years.” (Which, it turns out, is a concept I wrote about last time I went to see TMBG.) So we discussed this through the evening, finding evidence here or there of one side or another. And, when the evening was over, we hobbled out of the venue and down the street, with our ears pounding and our legs stiff and our feet aching, and we realized: Mayyybe not 19. And I am totally OK with that. *waves cane*

So it was a fantastic evening. My Giants are always, always awesome, Jonathan Coulton was awesome, the company was awesome, AND, when I had lost most of the rest of my voice, I got to enjoy that fun sexy lady voice that comes along with head colds. And that was also awesome. (Yes, I did talk to myself all night long just to hear my own voice, or lack thereof.)

Here’s to next time, John & John. ♥




3 responses

18 11 2011

Oh man. I haven’t seen TMBG since I WAS 19.

18 11 2011

so you are like, fun sexy old lady voice person on dayquil with old married ladies who drink beer waving canes? hard to keep this all straight.

19 11 2011

I have never seen them in concert! I’ll have to look for them to tour in the South 🙂

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