September Tweets. Because I just noticed it’s October now.

5 10 2011

Moths. Because fruit flies and ants weren’t enough.
1 Sep

Margie made me watch The Impossible Astronaut last night. Me? Nightmares all night long. She? FINE. Why are kids always braver than me?
2 Sep

Playing this morning on the radio inside my head: Roxette.
3 Sep

Elliott: When I’m grown up, I don’t want just a store. I want a WHOLE MALL.
3 Sep

We’re watching Keeping Up Appearances and Elliott is CRACKING UP. He’s funnier than TV.
3 Sep

Wow. @wilw Just posted my second Kriss Kross reference of this weekend. THIS MEANS SOMETHING. And I am afraid.
5 Sep

I just took a cold shower in a bathroom with flickering lights. Admit it. You wish you lived as high-class as I do.
6 Sep

Just saw a hummingbird outside my window and thought -finally! a bit of magic today! – And then the hummingbird took a shit.
6 Sep

Hahaha, Weather. Nice joke. Now kindly remember that this is San Diego and 100-degree thunderstorms don’t belong here.
6 Sep

You know what’s wise? Going through the meds my mom had in her house and wondering WTF? Oh wait, no, I was wrong. It’s stupid.
7 Sep

Just found a drug that treats schizophrenia, nausea, anxiety before surgery, chronic hiccups, and symptoms of tetanus. That’s… random.
7 Sep

ALSO. I really hate how the word “tetanus” has the word “anus” in it like it’s trying to get away with a dirty joke. Real immature, Tetanus.
7 Sep

Elliott, in the bouncy tunnel: Mommy, little kids are getting me!!
8 Sep

Operating on 5 hrs sleep and fading fast. Gorging myself on local disaster news from 3-5am may not have been so wise after all.
9 Sep

New fall dressing I made up for you today: EVOO (or other), Cider Vinegar, maple syrup (grade B), smoked sea salt. You’re welcome.
11 Sep

ZebraBelly is feeling melancholy tonight. PMS is a jerk.
12 Sep

Elliott’s newest thing is to call his sister despicable.
13 Sep

Basil and watermelon tossed in EVOO, balsamic and smoked sea salt. Best idea ever.
13 Sep

Margie just now, in her sleep: Sorry, I meant to put them together, but I thought it’d just be easier if I… put them together.
17 Sep

Internet, I am very disappointed in you for being so awesome and forcing me to stay up too late. (Do it again tomorrow, mkay?)
18 Sep

Margie: Salt tastes like a mixture of violence and unviolence.
19 Sep

Maple syrup comes from a tree. Therefore it counts as the produce portion of my breakfast.
20 Sep

My bathroom smells like hamsters. Why does my bathroom smell like hamsters?
28 Sep

You know, Groupon, when you advertise “Spa Day @ 92% off” and then it turns out to be laser hair removal, I get very disappointed.
29 Sep

I just finished the last of the chocolate in this house. *panics a little*
29 Sep




One response

6 10 2011
bethany actually

I would dearly love to hear Margie elaborate on how salt tastes like a mixture of violence and unviolence.

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