7 Days: Day 2 (Inside. Also a Floaty Hand.)

18 09 2011

7 days: Day 2 (Inside. Also a Floaty Hand.)

So I updated the Flickr app today like a good little apper (that’s a word, right?) and now I can’t upload photos with the app. Which partly defeats the purpose of phoning it in in order to make things easy. Luckily my aunt brought me some sweet potato fries to try to counter balance the Universe’s habit of punching me in the face (although, really, this app snafu isn’t a big deal, it’s just mildly insulting). (I like the way “app snafu” sounds. I’m going to say that all day now.)

ANYHOW. This is inside my living room. Using the 360 Panorama app with a border and exposure adjustment using Photoshop Express. Originally I thought my reflection in the TV or something would do, but then I accidentally caught part of my hand in my first attempt and decided that would be awesomer. And, as it turns out, I doubt you can see my reflection anyway, so it’s also necessaryer. You can see the flat version here.

And now please excuse me while I make some sweet potato fries. And you know what? Cookies, too.

You can read the notes and see the full sized photo here.




3 responses

18 09 2011
bethany actually

You left out an important detail: what KIND of cookies?

18 09 2011

thanks for the flat version so the girls and i could make sense of it…the hand freaked them out a bit
Anna thought it was a rubber glove
Chloe thought it was a robber’s hand

18 09 2011

Like, whoa.

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