Cold Brewed Coffee, a Tutorial

10 09 2011

For well over a year now, I’ve been trying with making cold brewed coffee. I’d heard it’s lower in acid, has a smoother flavor, and is an ancient method of making coffee. While those things appeal to me, it’s also just that I’m kind of slutty for any and all coffee. There’s a special coffee maker you can buy just for this process (since Seattle’s Best serves cold-brewed coffee, they sell the Toddy), but I didn’t like that it cost over $30 and that the coffee sat in plastic while it brewed. So I tried to think of a way I could do that at home with stuff I already had or could buy cheap, when a friend told me she just used a French press. Brilliant! And then I procrastinated it another several months. Because that’s how I roll.

you will need

It’s beyond easy to cold brew coffee. You need one part coffee grounds, and two parts water. Mix together very well, making sure all the grounds get wet.

coffee, unmixed

After a couple of minutes mix again. This is my favorite bit because the coffee grounds have made an almost crispy little cap over the water and tapping a spoon through it gives a satisfying sensation almost of of shattering sugar glass. Well, what I imagine that would be like, anyway.

thank god my spoons are ginormous enough for this coffee press

And this is still my favorite bit: once you’ve broken through the top and begin mixing it, all the gorgeous coffee-foam rises up above the grounds, as they sink to the bottom. It is glorious. It smells like absolute heaven.

Happy Thing: Foamy Coffeeness

Put the coffee press lid on, but don’t press it down! Let this sit overnight or for 8-15 hours, however you like it. Press down, pour into a glass container, and put it in the fridge. It will stay there happily for up to two weeks, but it’ll never last that long if you are anything like me.

Cold brewed coffee is not really ready to go as is, it’s a concentrate. Add hot or cold water to make it as strong as you like it (I think twice the water is a good place to start), and drink it like you’d drink any other coffee. Like with coconut creamer in a Muppet glass with a bendy straw? Yep.

Happy Thing: Cold Pressed Iced Coffee on a Stupid-Hot Morning




10 responses

10 09 2011

You are pissing me off here in my no coffee stage.

10 09 2011
bethany actually

Hey, that’s exactly how I make cold-brew coffee! Did I tell you about my French-press method? Or was that another friend?

10 09 2011

Not that I remember. I remember talking about it with Lindsay (who you may have met at knitting, but she rarely goes so I’m not sure), and then I googled for more specifics. I don’t know if I knew you cold brewed coffee. πŸ™‚

10 09 2011
bethany actually

I haven’t done it for a while, but when I lived in San Diego I always had cold-brewed coffee in the fridge! And I had exactly the same thought process as you: “Cold-brewed coffee, smoother taste, lower acid, less caffeine, very cool…but I don’t wanna pay $$$ for that dumb plastic system, what else could I use…I know, my French press!”

11 09 2011

I should have read your mind years ago on this. I mean, I do have an account there (your mind, that is).

11 09 2011

I love you, Bonnie. You have obviously never forgotten the matches when gone camping in the wilderness. LOL The things city folk come up with. $30 for yesterday’s cowboy coffee?!

11 09 2011

I haven’t forgotten the matches YET, but it’s totally my style.

13 09 2011
Follower from ATL

I wasn’t aware you could cold brew coffee; what have I been missing out on over the last several years (tired mom with kids). I actually dream about coffee often and can’t wait for my next cup. And, I love the french press. Our home has not been without one since kids arrived on the scene. It’s small, like my kitchen and house, easy to clean and well…perfect. Thanks for posting a new coffee idea!

14 09 2011

Huh. I thought the Muppet glasses were wine glasses! πŸ˜•

14 09 2011

Hehe, there was a typo in my emoticon. That’s funny on a few different levels. It was supposed to just smile.

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