Feed the Cat

4 09 2011

And on that note I went to bed and had dreams (and then also woke up and panicked some more about The Silence, because, man, Reavers are SO several months ago). And this was the dream I had in the moments before waking for good this morning.

We had fixed my mom’s house. It was almost ready. At times I think I may have been planning to live there, at other times, I was just fixing it with no real goal in mind except the fixing. Two rooms still needed to be vacuumed and I wanted to do that, but was just too tired to do it right then. But the crumbs and debris along the wall stand out as the most clear scene in my memory of this dream. I tried to hook up my laptop to the wifi but realized I didn’t know what her passcode would be.

And then we fed the cat. The cat hadn’t been fed in all this time because we were all too busy focusing on the other stuff that had to be done. The cat was very, very hungry and gobbled up the food we fed her, but she was OK and not near death like you’d think after not feeding a cat for 6 weeks.

I think that all speaks pretty clearly anyway, but when I looked up to see what cats represent in dreams, I discovered they typically symbolize the feminine or feminine power.

I’m not sure what my psyche is trying to tell me here. The basic message seems fairly clear. Is this just my brain’s way of recording meeting notes? Or is there something deeper I’m trying to tell myself?




3 responses

4 09 2011

I think the cat is you. Your power, but also perhaps a bit of you that’s been neglected. And is ok, but maybe needs a little attention and care, too.

4 09 2011

Pretty basic. This was a woman’s house, a woman who used and abused power and was also powerless. A tough combo. Then, this cleaning was a woman’s task. Women came together to do this job in a way no men could or would.
The basic idea is you start feeding yourself again. Clearly, cat medicine for you is to Feed Yourself. Feed your power.
I love animal medicine in dreams. It’s so lovely that they come to help us like that.

5 09 2011

Either that, or you’ve got a pet cat that you’ve forgotten and your brain’s all “DUDE. Feed the damn cat, or it’s gonna eat your face when you’re not looking.”

You’re welcome.

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