Tweets From August

3 09 2011

Wow. Technology makes me cuss a lot. I mean a lot more.
1 Aug

Screw you, technology, I’m going to bed.
1 Aug

Elliott, in response to Margie’s complaint that the a/c wasn’t cool yet: “Then just lick your hands.” Of course.
2 Aug

The Internet is so boring when everyone on it is asleep on your living room floor.
6 Aug

I just read a news story where they reported that a puma may have been spotted here in CV on streets that don’t exist. I’m so confused.
8 Aug

Really, neighbors? Disco at 4:44 in the morning? Oh help.
10 Aug

I just got a spam comment on TIAW that says, “This ionfrmatoin is off the hizool!” Indeed.
11 Aug

Note to self: Maybe rethink having Jane’s Addiction and Wilson Phillips on the same playlist.
13 Aug

Watching Doctor Who: A Very Steampunk Christmas. It is, indeed, very steampunky.
13 Aug

Here’s hoping 9pm is a respectable bedtime for a grownup.
15 Aug

I thought the point of fruit flies was that they only live for like two days. WHY AREN’T MINE DEAD YET? *cries*
19 Aug

Just got an email offering me a fake Lithuanian ID. Handy.
19 Aug

I now own a bag of teeth. They are my baby teeth, but it’s more amusing if I don’t tell you that.
20 Aug

And just like that I’m all caught up on Doctor Who. I’m free from spoiler-quarantine and ready get nerdy!
20 Aug

I have about 30 piles of To Do’s and more that don’t fit into piles b/c they are verbs, not nouns. Overwhelmed me = wasting time online.
22 Aug

Some lady just told me my kids are highly out of control in a public place. Frankly I think they’re only slightly out of control.
23 Aug

Aw man, I was just one serving of gravy short of a loco moco for breakfast.
24 Aug

You know what I don’t need right now? Ants.
25 Aug

The phone company doesn’t know my phone number. It’s totally Thursday.
25 Aug

It’s not waiting time to poke around Pinterest when I’m on hold on the phone with government offices. Then it’s Important Work.
25 Aug

You know what’s Thursday? Being on hold for an hour and then DROPPING THE CALL. #needchocolate
25 Aug

Two hours on hold today? TOTALLY WORTH the 15 minutes of speaking to an actual person. No sarcasm.
25 Aug

I’m unclear as to why I find house elves so creepy but ood are totally lovable.
26 Aug

Breaking news, y’all – there are sharks in the ocean.
27 Aug

I was up until 1am, I had cookies for breakfast. I’m living the dream. The dream of a five-year-old.
28 Aug

This is what it would look like if I had something interesting to say.
31 Aug

Margie: I think my earliest memory is…. sitting… and being BORED.
31 Aug

Kids are making me watch Tangled and my first thought is why does it begin exactly like Army of Ghosts?
31 Aug

You know what’s the opposite of awesome? Driving for 45 min to see a movie and then not seeing the movie.
31 Aug

It’s a very Dreamworks moon tonight.
31 Aug




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